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Purple Is the New Green

Why consuming purple produce is just as effective as eating green.

We’ve gotten on board the kale train, been intrigued and impressed with the powers of matcha, forged long-term relationships with broccoli, green beans, and asparagus, and powered through wheat grass shots after a workout. Green has certainly had its moment, but there’s a new power-food in town, and it’s bringing a pop of purple to the plate.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that Aren’t Cliché

The typical picture of a Valentine’s Day evening probably includes red roses, chocolates, perhaps a giant teddy bear, and a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant that is trying their hardest to accommodate the one night swell of customers. But if you’re not one those people that prefer the overrated/overpriced dinner scene and obligatory one dozen roses, here are a few fun and not-so-predictable options for an equally romantic, and hopefully even more fun way of spending this occasion with the one you love most.

Cold-Fighting Ingredients to Get You Through the Winter

In his book, Effortless Healing, Dr. Joseph Mercola swears by the choice to consume certain nutrient-rich foods to sidestep illness and be our healthiest. Now that we’re in the thick of winter, here’s a quick guide of foods with highly-concentrated vitamin content—and the nutritional properties necessary to fight colds, and keep our immune systems working their best.

BBL’s Book Gift Guide 2016

Have a few loved ones on your list that you just can’t nail down the right gift for? Don’t panic, there are plenty of books for every type of friend and family member on your list. Here are a few categories to help inspire you and focus on those personalities and their perfect paperback or hardcover companions, and get cracking’ because we only have a few days left!

Christmas in a Cup: Gingerbread Latte Recipe

It is Christmas morning and the quintessential components of the perfect winter day are all in place: fuzzy slippers, cozy pajamas, a house full of family, the roaring of the fireplace, and possibly the fresh dusting of an overnight snowfall making the entire world seem at peace. All that’s missing is a hot cup of something to sip while taking this all in. While we all dream of having a barista in our homes to whip up delectable cafe drinks for perfect mornings like this, you can do it yourself with this easy gingerbread latte recipe.

The No-Fail Thanksgiving Timeline

No pressure, but Thanksgiving dinner is kind of a big deal. After all, It’s only the most historic meal celebrated across America, and you’ve taken on the task to feed your family’s hunger and high expectations this year. The fridge is stocked, the turkey is thawed and the aroma of spiced pumpkin is in the air. Enjoy the calm before the storm, and review this super helpful hour-by-hour Thanksgiving schedule. Ready, set, go!

What is Manuka Honey (and why you should try it)

If you’re tuned into pop culture, (and by pop culture I mean the Kardashians), then you most likely know of Kourtney Kardashian and her obsession with Manuka honey. The same way she swears by avocado and milk smoothies regularly, she also touts the health benefits of a daily spoonful of Manuka—and she’s not alone in this belief. So what exactly is this special honey and why should you consider adding just one teaspoon a day to your diet?

Map Out Your Holiday Gift-Giving Now… and Avoid the Last-Minute Rush

When the holidays sneak up on us, they also sneak up on our time, our wallets and quite frankly, our sanity. We plan so much of our lives, so why not strategize the unusually large amount of shopping we have to do this time of year? Don’t let Santa be the only one making a list and checking it twice. Not to incite panic, but there are only eight weeks until Hanukkah and Christmas. Here’s how to get in and out fast—and make sure everyone gets what they want on the special days.
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