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Bringing Big Summer Style to a Small Outdoor Space

Get tips, tricks and inspiration on how to maximize your small outdoor area.

We all have at least one small space in our home that we don’t know how to utilize to its full potential. And if that area happens to be a square-foot challenged patio, sunroom or outdoor space, the possibility of making it into a quiet sanctuary during the weeknights and a spot for entertaining on the weekends, can seem next to impossible.

5 Books for the Beginner Vegetarian

5 BBL approved books that offer tips and advice for the common concerns of the beginner vegetarian.

You’re not really a “meat lover,” you’re aware of the environmental and health benefits of becoming a vegetarian, so you’ve made the decision to fully commit. The problem is, you’re intimidated by the idea of no longer having meat as a fallback option, or you’re worried you’ll be bored by your diet. Have no fear, the […]

Eat Your Way to Beautiful

Want healthier skin? Skip the trip to the makeup counter. Try your local grocery store instead.

We’re all about applying SPF daily and using skincare products to keep our skin looking its absolute best, but good skin care goes well beyond the surface.

Beauty Done Naturally

Why going makeup-free and baring your beautiful skin is enough.

Every morning I'd look in the mirror at my face, and immediately notice every imperfection I needed to cover. All I could see were dark circles under my eyes and uneven red splotches on my cheeks. Within minutes I was applying concealer before I’d even brushed my teeth.

Spring Cleaning According to Martha Stewart

Get a spring cleaning checklist from Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook

Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook is one of the few books that offers us solutions and a how-to for keeping our homes spring clean fresh. This book provides valuable time-saving information on how to keep the items in your home working, clean, efficient, and usable plus a surplus of information on caring for your home that you never knew you needed.

Is Activated Charcoal All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

Charcoal masks, activated charcoal pills, charcoal scrubs… it seems that what once was an item only designated for the Christmas stockings of naughty children is now the coveted component found in almost every beauty product. This fad is growing into one of the most buzzed and trendy beauty phenoms, but what is all this hype about, and is it legit?
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