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Switching Happiness for Peace

Have we misunderstood happiness? Is it rather peace we are all searching for?

Could it be that happiness is just impossible to attain? Have we been searching for happiness in the wrong places? Is it time to in fact drop the pursuit of happiness, and instead replace it with a search for peace?

The Four Tendencies: Which Personality Are You?

Why knowing your “tendency” is key to building a better life

In high school, we would gather around on Fridays, and ask each other questions from the latest personality quiz in My Guy! magazine (think of it as the Brittish version of Cosmo and Teen Beat combined, cringe!). “What Kind of Friend Are You?” was the typical revelation, and the rather obvious questioning would be: You go […]

Stargazing: The Best Meditation There Is

How the cosmos serve as our greatest guide in the search for serenity, contemplation, and meditation.

If you have ever lain down on a blanket, eyes taking in the dome of the night sky above, then you are familiar with the sensation of wonder and peace that the cosmos brings.

7 Tips for a Long and Happy Life

Learn the secrets of ikigai from Japan’s village of longevity.

There, in the north of the island, is a community that dramatically outlives people from other regions of the world and manages to have far fewer incidents of chronic illness (including dementia), for the portion of its population that is advanced in age. So, what is their secret? Authors Héctor Garcia and Francesc Miralles traveled to Ogimi, determined to find out from the centenarians themselves.

Knowing the Universe Has Your Back

Why you should focus on being your best and let the universe take care of the rest.

The Universal Law of Karma, cause and effect, is shared by the world’s spiritual traditions (the concept that one will reap what they sow). It can be comforting to hear stories such as my friend’s, to see there is divine retribution for those that do ‘unkind’ things. But this “retribution” is not based on judgment and punishment; it is simply a natural law.

Portrait Parties: Sparking Creative Expression Through Community

An international community of artists shows us how to create, inspire and connect.

Even with advances in digital photography, capturing a person’s essence with mediums other than a camera is still as treasured an expression as ever, and portrait parties, where artists can come together to draw and paint one another, are becoming increasingly popular.

Using Cues to Deepen Your Yoga Practice

How tapping into your yoga instructor's verbal cues can be a game-changer for your practice.

For those who have practiced or taught yoga, weaving these cues into a class can be the difference between doing yoga, and being yoga.

10 Reasons to Be Kind Today

How acts of generosity are the secret to building a fuller, more satisfying life.

It’s not always easy in our hurried and pressured lives to offer a helping hand to a friend or to forgive the person who jumps in line ahead of us, or even to simply smile at a stranger on the subway. But there are at least 10 great reasons why it might be in our […]

A Mindful Society Starts with a Mindful ‘Us’

Life brings with it inevitable challenges, yet today it can seem as if those challenges are being presented to us at an increasing rate. How many of us are familiar with feeling overwhelmed physically or mentally, or have the sense that the changes we want for ourselves, our family and our society appear to be out of reach? Challenging conversations and uncomfortable feelings seem to greet us daily with little time to gather our thoughts before responding from a place that can sadly be driven by anxiety or defensiveness.

‘Altaring’ Our State of Mind

What you need to know about creating a home altar.

One of the best ways to nurture a meditation or prayer practice is to create a place within the home that is dedicated solely to this purpose—an altar.
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