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Creating a Happy and Healthy Community

By engaging more in our neighborhoods, and making small changes, we can create a better place to call home.

It’s something we all long for—to live in a happy community, a place where we feel safe, peaceful, nurtured and healthy, and where we engage with others in a positive and uplifting way. When that isn’t our experience, many of us tend to isolate ourselves or relocate. But, what if instead we could create a […]

Pondering Powerful Life Lessons with Poet and Philosopher, Mark Nepo

Inspirational quotes from Nepo's latest book, Things That Join the Sea and the Sky, help us navigate life with a deeper appreciation and a lighter step.

When life is getting sticky and the thought of, “why me?” appears and lingers, and conversely when life just feels a little too comfortable, and I catch myself smugly believing that “Oh, I totally got this,” I seek out the words of philosopher Mark Nepo. In the fast pace of life that can sweep us […]

Giving Our Thanks with a Letter

What if we brought a letter of appreciation to Thanksgiving dinner instead of a pie?

In his book, The Road to Character, David Brooks makes the insightful point that what we really wish to have cultivated in our lives when we look back, are, what he calls, “eulogy virtues.” He shares that every month he comes across a person who seems to exude these eulogy virtues. “They listen. They make […]

Discovering Our Human Legacy in Jordan

Among the ruins of one of the world's UNESCO World Heritage sites lies inspiration to leave a different sort of footprint from our ancestors—one of peace and unity.

If you were to stand high up in the Wadi Musa mountains of Jordan and look out across the landscape ahead to Israel, you would see only more mountains and desert. But there, within the crevices of those mountain walls, lies a hidden city that was abandoned over 1,500 years ago and it was once […]

Aligning with the Lunar Cycle

How understanding and aligning with the moon’s rhythms can help us come into balance.

While many of us are coming around to the idea that a more “natural” way of life may be better for our health, there is another less obvious way we can align ourselves with our body and mind’s natural tendencies. We can follow the energy of the moon.

Poetry as Medicine

Through the raw unlimited words of a poet we are all granted the chance to heal.

Books have always been a safe place for me. The relief that comes as I bear witness to a character’s journey towards wholeness is priceless. I imagine the author must feel the same as their story comes to its close—shoulders relaxing, and the exhale of tightly-held breath as the final words leave their typing fingers […]

Switching Happiness for Peace

Have we misunderstood happiness? Is it rather peace we are all searching for?

Could it be that happiness is just impossible to attain? Have we been searching for happiness in the wrong places? Is it time to in fact drop the pursuit of happiness, and instead replace it with a search for peace?

The Four Tendencies: Which Personality Are You?

Why knowing your “tendency” is key to building a better life

In high school, we would gather around on Fridays, and ask each other questions from the latest personality quiz in My Guy! magazine (think of it as the Brittish version of Cosmo and Teen Beat combined, cringe!). “What Kind of Friend Are You?” was the typical revelation, and the rather obvious questioning would be: You go […]

Stargazing: The Best Meditation There Is

How the cosmos serve as our greatest guide in the search for serenity, contemplation, and meditation.

If you have ever lain down on a blanket, eyes taking in the dome of the night sky above, then you are familiar with the sensation of wonder and peace that the cosmos brings.

7 Tips for a Long and Happy Life

Learn the secrets of ikigai from Japan’s village of longevity.

There, in the north of the island, is a community that dramatically outlives people from other regions of the world and manages to have far fewer incidents of chronic illness (including dementia), for the portion of its population that is advanced in age. So, what is their secret? Authors Héctor Garcia and Francesc Miralles traveled to Ogimi, determined to find out from the centenarians themselves.
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