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Indo-Chinese Chicken Salad Recipe

Confession is good for the soul and here is mine; I love Chinese take-out. There are just a few problems with it—you relinquish control over the ingredients, you consume more fat and calories than you realize and it’s costly.

The Blossom Cookbook: Breakfast Burrito Recipe

A tasty vegan twist on a classic breakfast favorite.

Ronen Seri and Pamela Elizabeth, co-founders of the Blossom restaurants in Manhattan, share their vegan cuisine favorites in the recently released title, The Blossom Cookbook. Over eighty recipes are featured in this long-awaited cookbook–from a Tofu Scramble that can be whipped up in minutes to an impressive Autumn Tower which layers tempeh, roasted vegetables, chickpea […]

Tender Bok Choy Salad with Chicken and Orange

from The Book of Greens Author, Jenn Louis

My version of a Chinese chicken salad gets a lot of its flavor and texture from raw bok choy. The bok choy is full of water, so the sensation becomes like the watery crunch of celery in a regular old chicken salad, but with a much more powerful greenness in flavor.
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