Kira Roark

When not writing for Books for Better Living, KIRA ROARK is practicing yoga, meditating, reading, and going on relaxed runs on the creek trail down the street. Or ... watching Real Housewives and lazing by the pool. (Life is all about balance, right?) She lives in "the city house zoo" - a highrise apartment in downtown Denver she shares with her husband, stepdaughter, dog, cat, tortoise + two fish. You can reach her at

Articles by Kira Roark

Sage Smudging to Cleanse and Clear Your Space

Over the past few years, I've been hearing more about sage smudging from friends who are distinctly not woo-woo. I don’t pretend to understand the ancient rituals that have inspired our mainstream practice of burning sage sticks. But here’s what I do know: there’s a discernable shift in my living space after I smudge. After years of smudging, the smell alone calms me and clears my mood.

Teff: Gluten-Free, Superfood Grain You Need Now

Teff is an Ethiopian grain that’s making its way into natural grocery stores across the U.S. It's rich in protein. It’s full of six different amino acids and minerals that we’re often lacking (iron, magnesium, calcium, copper). It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help with menstrual issues. Its high-fiber content can gently speed up the digestive process. Wow, these little seeds are powerful!

Honoring Loved Ones We’ve Lost on the Holidays

To honor those we've lost, we can write down a favorite memory, put it in our stocking, and then read them together during the holidays. Each year, the slips of paper in our stockings will grow, inviting us to celebrate those who have passed. It's a lovely way to bring them with us into this special time of year.

3 Natural Skin Care Ingredients That May Hurt Your Skin

DIY natural skin care is all about making your own face masks, scrubs, and cleansers from ingredients you already have in your kitchen. Simple, natural recipes to get that fresh glow. But before I discovered some tried-and-true recipes, I whipped up my own DIY face treatments, with some not-so-great results.

Animal Wise: Lessons from My Pets

I live with my husband, stepdaughter, dog, cat, tortoise, and fish in a high-rise apartment. It sounds crazy and cramped, but it's not. It's vibrant and full of life ... I can't imagine living in a home not filled with the energy of these amazing creatures. Our "city house zoo" makes us laugh, keeps us centered, and reminds us what's most important in life: love.

3 Adorable Halloween Craft Projects

Fall is the craftiest time of the year. The vibrant color of the falling leaves, the spicy smell of pumpkin spice, the crisp temperatures – it all combines to make us want to snuggle inside and get crafty. So we've gathered three of our favorite easy craft projects to enjoy on a beautiful fall day.

Heartwarming Meditations for Fall

Meditation doesn't have to be a thing. You don't have to sit on a cushion before an altar with incense burning. You don't need to dedicate an hour (or even 30 minutes!) of your day. As the earth turns inward in autumn, we have a chance to get quiet, calm, grounded. We'll show you how with these meditations for fall.