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4 Ways to Improve Any Relationship

Discover how fear gets in the way—and what you can do about it.

At a recent holiday party, I ponied up to the bar with two new acquaintances. Both single, both weary from it. “I’m a lazy dater!” one chuckled gleefully, realizing she had landed on the perfect way to explain her relationship status. “Me too,” the other agreed, with a reluctant sigh. Now married, I get it. […]

Walking in a Winter Waffle Land

Cold weather calls for cozy weekend brunches, but what about those New Year resolutions? Here’s the solution.

The holidays are always an intense cocktail of delight and stress, but there is one thing I can always count on: My husband’s incredible gift-giving abilities. His presents are always thoughtful, and usually something I wanted without realizing just how much I wanted it, but it’s safe to say they aren’t always the most selfless. […]

Listen In the Kitchen

Set “play” to these celebrity narrated audiobooks and set the scene for your next culinary adventure.

Anything you do becomes better when you enjoy it—cooking including. Whether you have a few harried minutes or a leisurely evening to craft a meal, putting on something you love to listen to can make the difference between “I have to” and “I get to.” At BBL, we are admitted bibliophiles, so it only makes […]

Suzanne Somers: Actor, Health Guru . . . Feminist?

In the wake of Weinstein, Somers’ sexy new book takes on a serious light.

Famed for her Bambi voice and too-short hemlines (with a body to rock ’em), Suzanne Somers doesn’t seem like an obvious poster child of female resistance, but hear me out. If you peel past the sexy veneer of her latest book, Two’s Company, something rather revolutionary lurks between the lines: Defiance.
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