Books That Brought Us Joy in 2017

A list of the 12 wellness books we loved this year.

Whether you prepare a list of New Year’s resolutions or not, most of us can’t resist a look back at our year with a few hopes for the new one, and with our favorite wellness books, we tend to do the same, especially when they educate us and help us improve our lives. Here are […]

The Top 8 Wellness Books for Fall

Lift your spirit, clear your mind, boost your body, and deepen your relationships with our self-care faves for fall.

Fall is when the earth slows down and eases back into itself. It’s a perfect time to focus on your own self-care. Here are our fave books for fall, organized so you can grab what you need, no matter if you’re looking to care for your mind, your body, your spirit, or your relationships.

Books That Bring Us Joy: BBL’s Best Books of June 2017

A roundup of this month's favorites.

June—that first month we finally get to call summer—is named for the goddess Juno, the queen of the Roman gods and protector of women. It's also considered a time to celebrate light and consciousness, making it the perfect month to focus on strong, brilliant, out-of-the-box thinking women and the books they authored for self-improvement, self-acceptance, and perhaps a little self-indulgence. It just seems fitting to kick off this season celebrating writers, creators, and experts who are goddesses in their own right. Here are our top 5 wellness books for the month of June, and they are all penned by women (goddesses). Enjoy!

Top 5 Wellness Books of 2016

Building a "best of" list is torturous because there are so many life-changing books out there. It's hard to pick favorites ... but we did. Learn why you should be sleeping more than you do. De-clutter your life. Detox the sick right out of your body. Turn your passion and perseverance into grit. Upgrade your happiness set point. We've got you covered.
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