How To Stop Fighting With Your Partner About Money

Money fights are about more than just spending or saving. Here’s how to examine each other’s core values in order to come to the right financial solution.

Money is a touchy subject to begin with. Toss in a romantic partner who has their own wants and needs and, well, you get the picture. More often than not, the fight is more than just letting your partner (or your partner letting you) splurge on something flashy and shiny.

How to Avoid Tax Time Turbulence

I’ll admit, I have had my share of tax time pitfalls. For me, these included spending my tax account money on renovations, not being organized at tax time and neglecting to stay organized throughout the year. One of my mentors always reminds me to build things before you need them. For me, this concept is sacred—saving throughout the year for taxes.

5 Ways to Save More Money in 2017

Beautiful Money author Leanne Jacobs shows us how.

As a collective this year, let’s commit to working out our mental money muscles like never before. More than ever, we are seeking a deeper sense of community, meaning and connection, but what we haven’t explored, is how valuable our finances can act as a guide and teacher in helping us achieve those objectives.
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