How to Start an Art Collection

Pro tips for beginners—or anyone looking to add more personality to their home.

Starting an art collection — or even just purchasing a few special items for your home — can seem intimidating. Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that there are no real rules. Unless you’re in the art market to make money, it’s really about choosing what speaks to you and what you’ll enjoy […]

How I Turned Cluttered Bookshelves Into a Display of My Life

Books make a home. Use your personal library to add personality and spark to your space.

I recently met a super fabulous woman. She is a calligrapher, painter, and all-around stylish lady, whose home truly reflects her joyous, artistic energy. One of the things that stood out in her home was this beautiful glass shelf with brass trim in which she displayed all sorts of personal and family mementos—from vintage photographs […]

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