Promoting Trust in the Workplace

When compared to other adventure sports like rock climbing or hang gliding, sailing is considered relatively safe. Yet sailing isn’t foolproof, nor are the dangers non-existent. On a warm and cloudless day, a group of coworkers went off together on what they thought was going to be a relaxed, recreational sailing excursion. But when a […]

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that Aren’t Cliché

The typical picture of a Valentine’s Day evening probably includes red roses, chocolates, perhaps a giant teddy bear, and a candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant that is trying their hardest to accommodate the one night swell of customers. But if you’re not one those people that prefer the overrated/overpriced dinner scene and obligatory one dozen roses, here are a few fun and not-so-predictable options for an equally romantic, and hopefully even more fun way of spending this occasion with the one you love most.

How to Love Yourself When Your Partner Doesn’t Seem to Love You

Maintaining self-worth in an emotionally unavailable relationship.

Sadly, scores of people feel like they’re alone even though they’re technically not. They deeply love someone who is emotionally unavailable. Emotional unavailability comes in various forms, including partners who are aloof, unresponsive, withdrawn, seemingly indifferent, or close-mouthed about their feelings and perspectives. In a relationship like this, it’s hard not to feel alone.

How to Stop Yourself from Over-talking About… Yourself

One of the main problems with poor conversationalists is that they don’t volley back to the person to whom they’re talking. Sharing about yourself when asked is entirely appropriate, but detailing your own biography over a cocktail hour is not only rude and unbecoming, but also quite boring. Here are three ways to make sure you’re inciting good, upbeat conversation that keeps the other person feeling important and interested as well.

Popping the Social Media Bubble: Why Ceasing to Compare Yourself to Other People’s Profiles Will Ultimately Make You Happier

Most of us love sharing our lives on social media. We post a lovely photo, share a funny video, and watch the views, likes, and comments roll in. But let’s be totally honest with ourselves—it’s rare that we would ever choose to post something that is unflattering. When we go out, take a vacation, or celebrate an accomplishment, we share only the most photo opportunistic moments. Our online presence is the controlled, filtered, shiny version of everyday life.
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