5 Tips to Navigate Any Drinking at Work Situation

Here’s how to unwind with your colleagues without unwinding your entire career.

Is there a line finer than that of drinking at work? On the one hand, gathering around libations after a long day at the office is often the trick to loosening up and creating an unprecedented bond with your coworkers. On the other, it’s a slippery slope to downing one too many and ending up […]

3 Language Apps to Try Today

Learn a language from the comfort of your home—for free or far less than a traditional course.

Brushing up on your French before your big trip to Paris or trying to bring in new business from international clients? These days learning a language doesn’t mean signing up for expensive classes that require you to squeeze in hours of time during your already busy life. With so many great apps and online options, […]

The Surprising Nature of Cringe and Why We’re Drawn to It

We examine the social mechanisms behind the hard-to-watch yet addictive empathy of cringe.

To cringe is to “experience an inward shiver of embarrassment or disgust.” Picture it. You are walking along, minding your own business when suddenly, you catch a glimpse of someone you’ve been crushing on for years. Your heart begins to race. You make eye contact. They smile and wave. You attempt to smile and wave […]

Why We All Need to Give the Middle Finger to Rudeness

Insults, slights and bad attitudes aren’t just frustrating, they’re doing massive damage to our health.

In my professional life, I have worked with incredible people. Thoughtful leaders, genuine do-gooders, and talented superstars with in-check egos. I’ve also worked alongside people who swore and demeaned others simply because their bosses did, who walked by never saying hello or making eye contact in the hall, and a few who even pretended they […]

Don’t Let a Narcissist Ruin Your Life

Learn how to spot narcissists before you get involved—and end relationships with those already in your life.

With nearly 22 million people in North America affected by narcissistic personality disorder, chances are, you’ve either encountered a narcissist in your past or are currently in a relationship with one. They may be a parent, spouse, sibling, friend, or boss. They may even be a public figure you admire, such as a politician, entertainer, […]

What We Learn About Ourselves and Each Other When We Eavesdrop

Many consider eavesdropping an invasion of privacy, and that may be true, but is it also a way for us to gain insight into others and stay connected to what's going on around us?

When I was little, I loved riding in the backseat of my parents’ car at night, catching glimpses of other people’s lives through their warm, glowing windows. I liked to imagine the families inside and what the rooms I couldn’t see looked like. I considered how their families’ routines and traditions might differ—or be similar—to […]

How to Get a Promotion at Work—Without Even Asking for It

5 simple tips to impress your boss.

Everyone wants to succeed, but advancing takes more than just hard work. Armed with some simple, effective tips and tricks, you can stand out from the pack and get your boss’s attention—and the promotion you want—without even asking for it. 1. Study your manager’s work style. What does she do particularly well and take pride […]

How to Make Friends in Your 30s and Beyond

It may not be as effortless, but it’s still possible to forge new friendships as you mature.

The New York Times ran an article “Why Is It Hard to Make Friends Over 30?” in 2012. It was so popular—and timeless—that they recently reran it. The central premise is that once we hit, or are nearing midlife, schedules become more demanding, priorities change, and people become pickier about their friends. Plus, we are […]

Owning Your Actions In Adulthood

It's time to grow up! Learn how to leave the excuses behind, take responsibility for your life and embrace being an adult.

A month ago I witnessed Eric Thomas, “the hip-hop preacher,” make a profound statement to a room full of hopeful entrepreneurs (I’m paraphrasing here, but it went something like this): People who make excuses for their actions are acting like children, and those who own the decisions they’ve made and the outcomes of those decisions, […]

What are Your Family’s Core Values?

In the rush to get to work, school, and extracurricular events—and eat and sleep—families rarely take the time to talk about what matters most to them.

At a company, it’s important to have a mission. While workers will have unique responsibilities, they still cleave to core values. When you think about it, a family unit isn’t so different. It’s a group of people with their own talents and tasks who are each striving towards individual goals that also strengthen their bond. […]
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