How to De-Stress After Traveling This Summer

Ever feel like you need a vacation from a vacation? Here are 4 simple self-care tips to get calm.

A vacation is like a shiny mirage in the middle of the monotonous desert of life. As you approach it, you think it will be perfect. Once you arrive, the mirage evaporates (as mirages do) into a less than perfect reality, mired with “vacation stress.”

5 Books That Tactically Tackle Stress

The following five books offer fun strategies and practices to reduce stress naturally.

Stress is caused by countless issues and scenarios, both internal and external, so there’s no one way to cure it or cope with it. The following five books offer strategies and practices to ease stress through coloring, developing coping skills, crafting, and yoga. Try one or try them all, and enjoy the less chaotic times […]
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