Fifty Shades of Grey: Why You Should Join the Trend

It’s an overnight sensation that just might be inspiring a sexual revolution. To the abhorrence of awkward teenagers everywhere, moms across the country have been gobbling up E.L. James’ sexually-charged Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy as fast as they can get their hands on it. Not only is the series a salaciously erotic, guilty pleasure, but it is also being praised by women—and their partners—for reinvigorating their sex lives. Who knew that 21st century women were waiting for a book like this to free them from their inhibitions?

Still unsure? Here are several articles about the book’s rise to the bestseller list that might embolden you to read more and take your sexual happiness into your own hands (no pun intended; okay okay, maybe we thought the pun was a little funny).

Disciplined Fans Wait for a Signature (The Washington Post)

From the Author Herself (USA Today)

Why is the ‘Shades’ Series so Popular with Women? (The Daily Beast)

There Are More Books to Come! (Entertainment Weekly)

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