How I Found Some Head Space

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I once had a mother tell me that her 10-year-old daughter was spending forever in the shower. When the mother finally confronted her daughter about it, the daughter complained, “Mom! It is the only time I have to be alone!” If that isn’t a flashing sign that a child might be a little over-extended, I don’t know what is.

If this was my daughter, I would probably jump right in and find a way to help her slow down. But I realized that I don’t always do the same thing for myself when my life becomes too stressful. It can be hard to come by, but sometimes we all just need a little space.

I’d read that a simple meditation exercises could help me push the world out and reflect within. I loved the idea of that, but I found it difficult to stick to a meditation practice without a personal yogi in my back pocket. Lucky for me, I actually found one!

Enter (Finally, being constantly plugged into my smart phone is an advantage!) Headspace is a meditation website and app that guides users through daily 10-minute exercises. The advantages are two-fold: Ten minutes is a doable amount of time to carve out of my day, and since every exercise is guided, I don’t have to wonder if I am doing things correctly, nor do I have to worry about remembering since the site sends me daily reminders.

Moreover, the site was created by people I can trust to really help me on my journey. Founder Andy Puddicombe became a Buddhist monk at age 22 and practiced meditation all over the world. Ten years later he returned to England and realized he wanted to spread the practice of meditation. Headspace is his way of doing so, and he has found an entire team dedicated meditation in their own lives.

You can try out Headspace for 10 days for free. After that you can either stick with those 10 exercises, or you can get a subscription. Note: Once I signed up for the first 10 days, Headspace sent me an e-mail promo code for three free months.

After using the tool for several weeks, I have found that my understanding of my own needs has improved. Nothing outside of myself has changed–things are still very busy–but I have become more in tune with the messages my body is trying to send me, such as needing more sleep or simply eating better. Having a tool to help navigate the stressful shuffle of life is comforting. It might be only ten minutes here or there, but a little daily head space helps!

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