How to Survive a Best Friend Breakup

Best friend breakups suck. Learn to let go with love.

When adult friendships end, there’s usually a deep ache that comes with self-knowledge. We know ourselves better, we understand the world better, and we know we’re probably not going to make up over Snapchat that same night.

The Perfect Gift for Your BFF

Maybe you know better than anyone how to read your bestie's expressions - from "first-bite-of-ice-cream bliss" to "a wrath of fury about to be unleashed." Maybe your BFF has lifted you out of a sad time, forcing you to go outside to see "that the world was still there ... I was still me. And we were still us."

How to Love Yourself When Your Partner Doesn’t Seem to Love You

Maintaining self-worth in an emotionally unavailable relationship.

Sadly, scores of people feel like they’re alone even though they’re technically not. They deeply love someone who is emotionally unavailable. Emotional unavailability comes in various forms, including partners who are aloof, unresponsive, withdrawn, seemingly indifferent, or close-mouthed about their feelings and perspectives. In a relationship like this, it’s hard not to feel alone.

Honoring Loved Ones We’ve Lost on the Holidays

To honor those we've lost, we can write down a favorite memory, put it in our stocking, and then read them together during the holidays. Each year, the slips of paper in our stockings will grow, inviting us to celebrate those who have passed. It's a lovely way to bring them with us into this special time of year.

Radical Beauty: Feel & Look your Best Every Day

The word beauty has come to represent a billion-dollar industry that promises women ways to look younger by spending their money on everything from creams and cosmetics to Botox and butt lifts. We seek outer transformation in vials and containers, slathering our hair and faces with the latest touted ingredients. Sometimes they work, for a night, maybe a few months even. But when these magical potions cease to continue giving us the outcomes we desire, we move on to the next “great” bottled balm.

Resolving Tensions in the Workplace

Regardless of your job or your industry, we can all agree that there are some common challenges in every workplace—unmanageable workloads, too many meetings, and even difficult colleagues. Most people share the belief that these things are simply out of your control, but what if there were proven techniques that could help you resolve those tensions...

Finding Sanctuary in Sisterhood

Despite the countless statistics emphasizing the importance of female friendships, those acquaintances—more often than not—fall short in the relationship hierarchy of a woman’s life. Obligations to romantic partners, children, career and aging parents often leave women feeling overwhelmed with little time for preserving friendships.

The People Who Trigger Us Most

Getting emotionally healthy so you can protect yourself from them.

The people who trigger us most are actually gifts; gifts that teach us about where we are still wounded. They can trigger us easily because we have wounds—neuro-associations—from a past pain, something we haven’t healed and something we never want to feel again. But if we don’t feel it, we can’t heal it.

Know and Radically Accept Your Body

The more whole we are as sexual beings, the more fulfilled we are as human beings. Author and world renowned Sexual Empowerment Coach Amy Jo Goddard speaks directly to the enormous segment of smart, creative women who, despite other successes, are frustrated about their lack of desire, lackluster sex lives, and disconnection from their bodies and […]