7 Books That Will Take Your Camping Experience to the Next Level

From fire-making to fireside feasting, these reads will help you reconnect with nature—and yourself.

If you knew where I grew up, in rural northwestern New Jersey about an hour outside of the Poconos, you’d probably be a little surprised to learn that I didn’t go on my first camping trip until I was 29. Though I spent a great deal of time outside, sleeping in it never seemed necessary. […]

Take the Stress Out of Co-Parenting This Summer

It’s easier than you think if you follow these simple tips and tricks from co-parent and divorce coach, Karen Bonnell.

Glorious summer: Beautiful weather, no school, vacations! For co-parents though, it can be a tricky time to navigate. Without the anchor of school, with summer activities that can be logistically challenging and, of course, vacations with separate parents, a seemingly relaxing season can turn stressful if you lose sight of the big picture: This is […]

When We Travel Alone, Remarkable Things Happen

It is in this quieter, calmer state of mind that we naturally become more adventurous, creative and keenly aware of the exciting details of the world around us.

From the moment the front door closes behind me, and I pick up my travel bags ready to plop them into a car, cab, train or airplane hold, an enormous sense of peace washes over me. I love to travel, and I cherish time spent alone, and to combine the two . . . well, […]

Upper Body Moves for Toned Summer Tank Top Arms

Get fit and fabulous in just 15 minutes a day with these powerfully effective upper body exercises from Zuzka Light.

Welcome to our summer fitness series with workout routines that are guaranteed to burn fat and build ripped muscles. This month, we’re featuring weekly exercises from Zuzka Light’s, 15 MINUTES TO FIT. These fitness routines are based on innovative high-intensity interval workouts that are designed to be done anywhere and anytime (no fancy gym equipment necessary), […]

My Dad, My Hero: Paying Homage to a Special Father-Daughter Relationship

Violet Ramis Stiel, the daughter of the late comedy legend Harold Ramis, shares heartwarming memories reflecting the unique bond between her and her "knight in shining khakis."

Whenever I was sick as a child, my dad was the best nurse. He would hold my hair back as I threw up, murmuring reassurances while I cried. I have a very vivid memory of him, cigarette dangling from his lips, as he wiped down the bathroom walls after a particularly virulent stomach bug. Once […]

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