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Farewell from Books for Better Living

Eleven years ago, we set out to create a community here at Books for Better Living that provided inspiring ideas and resources dedicated to helping you live your best life through the wisdom of wellness books. We are sad to say that our journey with you on the road to wellness is coming to an […]

Sugar vs. Fat: What Are You Fueling Your Body With?

Discover the ketotarian diet and why this new twist on keto and plant-centric eating is the key to lasting weight-loss and improved health.

The standard Western diet today is centered on many forms of the very same thing: sugar. From the refined carbohydrates of junk foods to breads, pastas, fruit, and juices, sugar makes up most of what we’re eating. But is it the best form of energy for your brain, metabolism, and body? Most people struggling with […]

9 Ways to Focus Your Mind

Always distracted? Let these tips for improving focus and concentration help you become more productive in less time.

Do you often find yourself scrolling mindlessly through the same five apps on a continuous loop instead of focusing on what’s in front of you? Like many, you probably wish you could concentrate better and be more engaged in the present, but how do you retrain your brain to focus in a world of distractions? […]

Sex and the Fat Body: Let’s Clear Up Some Misconceptions

Healthy sex comes in every size. Don't let myths and personal hang ups about plus-size bodies keep you from having the sex life of your dreams.

We are constantly amazed by the myths that are prevalent about fat people and sex. The messages in modern storytelling from film to T.V. and even in urban legends are riddled with the ideas that fat people are a) undesirable, b) know they are undesirable, c) desperate for sex and d) will go through any […]

8 Things That Will Remind You That You Are Good Enough

Want to break free of those nagging thoughts that tell you that you aren’t enough? Here's some candid advice on how to start celebrating the wonder of you.

How many of us believe we are enough, just as we are? That we don’t need to be a better friend or sibling or parent or child? That we’re not failing because the house is a mess, and we can’t keep our plants alive? That we’re not losing at life because we can’t ‘find our […]

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