2 Simple Summer Kombucha Recipes Everyone Will Love

Try these simple kombucha recipes for a healthy and delicious beverage to complement all your summer parties.

Kombucha — or, “the Booch” as it is fondly called by those who drink it regularly — is typically known more for its healing properties than its delicious taste, but with the right ingredients, this fermented tea drink is the perfect summer beverage in addition to being a so-called elixir. Even better, it is also […]

In Defense of Self-Help: Get the 4 Methods That Actually Work

We forget that self-help means just that – that we have the inner ability to heal and help ourselves.

The term “self-help” today is often viewed through a negative lens — a lens of false promises made by clever marketers for instant happiness, wealth, transformation, or miracle cures. Seminars, workshops, books, DVDs, YouTube and audios that offer to fix our problems and change us from “who we are” into “who we want to be” […]

6 At-Home Exercises for Killer Legs

Work your lower half with these strength-building moves.

Welcome to our summer, outdoor fitness series. This month we’re featuring weekly exercises from THE BIG BOOK OF CYCLING FOR WOMEN by certified personal trainer, triathlete, and bestselling professional health and fitness author, Selene Yeager. No matter where you fall on the cycling spectrum, you know that great things happen when you toss your leg over a […]

How Women Can Take Back Their Power in Bed and Beyond

Author, educator and activist, Jaclyn Friedman shows women how to own their sexual agency in the age of fauxpowerment.

Are you dissatisfied with your sex life? Does the term “sexual empowerment” seem unrelatable to you? If you identify as a woman, the reasons might be entirely different than what you think. Author, educator and activist, Jaclyn Friedman likens it to the movie, The Matrix: “[Women have] got this little splinter in their minds telling them […]

Beat Hormonal Weight Gain Naturally with These 6 Steps

Hormones control everything from your mood to how much fat you burn. Learn how and why it's important to get them in balance before committing to a fitness program, especially if you're over 40.

Your entire body is controlled by your hormones. They do all the work. They control your mood, your temperament, your energy level, how much fat you burn, your hair quality, how healthy your skin looks, and even how long it takes for your muscles to recover. It’s extremely important to make sure your hormones are […]

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