This Type of Workout Can Help Fight Depression

Suffering from depression and anxiety? Learn the ways strength training exercises can help improve your mental state.

According to a meta-analysis published recently in JAMA Psychiatry, strength training can actually help you fight depression and improve your mood. So time to pick up those dumbbells, and get regular weight lifting into your workout rotation

5 Ways We Can Create Compassionate Spaces for Ourselves and Others

How to own your story and encourage others to do the same by embracing vulnerability and providing a safe place for people to land.

I believe that if we can all learn to create “compassionate spaces” where failure is met with grace, not judgment, we can empower others to live the imperfectly courageous life they were made for. So, how do we go about building this culture of safety and belonging? Here are five practices that are sure to set us on the right path.

What Is Healthy Anger and How Can You Use It to Your Advantage?

Harriet Lerner’s The Dance of Anger shows how you can use your anger to figure out — and get — what you want.

Anger might be one of the most complex emotions around. However it arises — a faint wisp of annoyance, a slow burn of hostility, or a Mack Truck of rage — it can cause us to think, say, and do things we’d never normally consider if we were in our “right minds.” Afterward, we may […]

Budget-Saving Tips for People That Like Healthy, Expensive Food

Use these 10 clever tips to eat healthy, organic foods without breaking the bank.

We’ll tell you straight up: Eating healthy is expensive. But you’re worth it. Think of it in terms of an investment in your future self. Buying healthy food now will save you serious dough in the future on medical costs for issues that might have been avoidable. For example, the right nutrition can prevent common […]

3 Foam Rolling Moves to Help Banish Bloat

Roll your way to better digestion.

Welcome to our summer fitness series. This month we’re featuring weekly exercises from Taller, Slimmer, Younger by trainer to the stars and expert on all things fascia and foam rolling, Lauren Roxburgh. Based on Lauren’s expert advice, we’ll be guiding you through foam rolling routines that will help you sculpt longer, leaner muscles, stand an […]

Daily Meditation

Start even if you don’t know how.

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