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10 Healthy Living Authors You Should Follow on Twitter

Looking for some new inspiration on your Twitter feed? Here are 10 authors that will add a healthy boost to your day in 140 characters or less.

1. Deepak Chopra
Author of: Super Brain, Spiritual Solutions, War of the Worldviews, and many more
Tweets about: Mind/body healing, spirituality, mediation, peace
Sample tweet: #BeHappyMakeHappy‬ Make at least 2 people happy today by giving them attention, appreciation and affection.

2. Jillian Michaels
Author of: Unlimited: How to Build an Exceptional Life, Master Your Metabolism, Making the Cut
Tweets about: Fitness, health, weight loss
Sample tweet: Try this hardcore exercise — it’s one of 30 BRAND NEW exercises I just added to my online program! ‪ ‬ Are you up for it?

3. Bob Harper
Author of: The Skinny Rules, Are You Ready!
Tweets about: Fitness, healthy eating, motivation, weight loss
Sample tweet: Make a ‪#resolution‬ for the day – no more excuses, no more “I can’t” and instead focus on what YOU can do to make YOUR life better!

4. Dr. Daniel Amen
Author of: Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, Use Your Brain to Change Your Age, The Amen Solution
Tweets about: Brain health
Sample tweet:Many people forget to exercise their brain but it’s very important for your overall health! Read why ‪ . ‪#BrainAndBody‬”

5. Gabrielle Bernstein
Author of: Spirit Junkie, Add More Ing to Your Life, May Cause Miracles (upcoming)
Tweets about: Meditation, spirituality, inner peace
Sample tweet: Dwell in a place of believing you are worthy of your desires & you’ll allow the Universe to catch up with your dreams. ‪

6. Tara Stiles
Author of: Yoga Cures
Tweets about: Yoga, healthy living
Sample tweet: Yoga routine for Holiday Meal Digestion! Get things moving 🙂 ‪

7. Rich Roll
Author of: Finding Ultra
Tweets about: Fitness, wellness, veganism,
Sample tweet: Start simple. Try: kale + pineapple + chia seeds RT ‪@Jason_Gilliland‬: ‪@richroll‬ finally got a ‪@Vitamix‬ blender. What should I make first?

8. Carol Alt
Author of: Easy Sexy Raw, The Raw 50, Eating in the Raw
Tweets about: Raw food, beauty, fashion
Sample tweet: Ladies! I found some pretty great nail polish without formaldehyde! It’s called ‪#MineralFusion‬- seems healthier! Check it out for yourself-

9. Phil Stutz and Barry Michels
Authors of: The Tools
Tweet about: Personal growth
Sample tweet: Growth occurs when a person dares to experiment with his or her own life. ‪#ReversalOfDesire‬.

10. Tim Caulfield
Author of: The Cure for Everything
Tweets about: Health, fitness and happiness research
Sample tweet: As a slightly neurotic individual, great news! See Study: Being Neurotic Lowers Risk of Chronic Disease ‪ …‬

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