10 Ways to Rise, Advance and Succeed

Niurka, a sought-after speaker and former corporate trainer for Tony Robbins, is releasing her first book, Supreme Influence, March 15. In it she shows how making changes to the way you communicate can transform your life. Here are 10 of Niurka’s tips that will help you rise to the top in whatever you do.

The dictionary defines “ascend” as, “to rise, advance, succeed to and to go upward.” But how do we ascend? How do we rise in our business ventures, relationships and well-being? How do we think, speak and act in a way that causes our vision to manifest? This article reveals 10 ways to elevate your communication so you naturally ascend.

1. Honor stillness. Pay attention to space. It’s the space between the notes which makes the music. Without space there’s noise. Create space in your communication. Listen. Observe. Give people an opportunity to come to you and respond, rather than feeling the need to say or do something. Sometimes silence speaks more powerfully than words.

2. Focus on empowering thoughts. Your thoughts matter because they materialize as matter. Direct your attention toward what you want rather than what you don’t want. Notice what feels good, and focus on that.

3. Choose words wisely. Notice the words you use often. Write them down. Reflect. Without judgment, ask what these words evoke? How do they make me feel? Create rituals that empower you to choose words wisely. For example, program your cell phone to chime a message: “What are you speaking into existence right now?” Pick fantastical times like 11:11, 3:33, 5:55. Use inspiring ring tones. Have fun! New words create new worlds.

4. Do not disturb. Think before you speak, send an email or text. Consider the effect of your choices before acting. Do not say or do things that will cause a disturbance in others, because if you do, you will create unhappiness within yourself. Everything is connected in a unified web.

5. Let go of grievances. Relinquish the desire to be right or to make others wrong, for this brings discontentment. Learn from the past; live in the present. Give yourself (and others) permission to move on. You can integrate valuable insights, let go of hurt feelings and be free. You can say I forgive you; I forgive myself. And now will be a new moment.

6. Reconnect. Reach out to the people whom you’ve been thinking about but  have lost contact with. You don’t need to explain why you’ve been out of touch. It doesn’t matter; love trumps all past reasons or excuses. Before calling, think of the person warmly. Then bring love into your communication.

7. Be generous. Whatever you want, give it away. If you want success, help others succeed. If you want passion, summon passion within yourself and share it. Everything in the physical universe is energy. Gripping onto something indicates fear, which creates lack. A wise being once said, The only thing missing is what you are failing to bring. Because when you bring it, it’s not missing anymore. It’s in the giving that we receive.

8. Be conscious of what you put in your body. Your body is a temple; your teeth are its pearly gates. Be aware of what you allow to enter it. Read labels. Eat natural foods. Drink fresh green juices. Choose life-affirming nutrients to nourish your body and elevate your mind.

9. Be playful. Be childlike but not childish. Get curious. Allow yourself to be amused. Explore. Be willing to ask outrageous questions. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake — there is no failure, only feedback. Your work is your art. Let creativity flow. Look at the world with awe and wonder. Expect miracles.

10. Live in the wisdom of your heart. Think of someone you love. Now think of a beautiful place in nature. Feel the breeze and the warmth of the sun. See the birds in the air and the animals, and feel the love you have for the Spirit of the Earth. You can only ascend when you feel the vibration of love.

Niurka is teaching a workshop called “Communication Mastery” January 18 in Newport Beach, Calif., which will also be streamed live. If you preorder the book, you’ll receive two free tickets. Visit niurkainc.com/lsi for more information.


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