3 Ways to Protect Your Energy

In addition to taking care of our physical bodies by eating healthy foods and exercising, if we want to feel even better about ourselves, we must also take care of our energetic body. I understand this well because I work with energy every day. I’m a spiritual medium; I communicate with unseen, non-physical energy—that is, dead people. My unconventional day job may sound wacko to you, but understand that the living and the dead are not all that different—both are energetic forms, the biggest exception that the energy of the living is restricted to a physical body, where spiritual energy is not.

Where you might not be able to clairvoyantly “see” energy like I do, most of us can feel energy. We know when we’re having a low-energy day or when someone’s energy is charging and uplifting us or conversely, draining and bringing us down. In my upcoming book, Awaken the Spirit Within: 10 Steps to Ignite Your Life and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose (Harmony, August 2013), I write about how you can significantly, and quite easily, improve your overall health and happiness by simply developing an awareness of the energy within and around you and taking daily steps to protect it.

For each of us, there are certain people, situations and environmental factors that have the potential to affect our energy both positively and negatively. For me, I’m sensitive to loud noises and crowded places, so as you can imagine—big, stadium concerts aren’t my thing. But when Pink, one of my favorite artists came to town, I really wanted to go. I understood from years of learning the hard way, that if I was going to put myself in an environment that had the potential of zapping my energy, I had to put a proactive versus reactive plan into place. You can follow these steps yourself, when put into a similarly compromising situation:

1. Physical Protection: Adorn yourself with protective jewelry and set an intention to be a positive energetic force. My favorite charm bracelet has a heart for love, a tree for wisdom and a seashell for clarity and at the Pink concert, whenever I started to feel the oppressive energy of the crowd close in on me, I rubbed the charms as a reminder of my intention to stay in a space of positive light.

2. Mental Protection: Take a mental inventory of how you feel going into any situation. Are you tired or rested?  Stressed or relaxed? If it’s the former and not the latter, it’s important to release that negative juju before you become further aggravated. The act of journaling –transferring what’s in your head onto paper (try to do this without judgment by the way), works well to release and free up the flow of your energy, so you don’t create a negative bottleneck.

3. Spiritually Protect: Meditation is the best way I know of to tap into our energy and gain clarity where we might not have had it before. When I meditate, if I see, feel or sense a darkness within or around me, I know my energy’s been compromised in some way. If, on the other hand, my energy looks or feels sunny and bright, I know I’m in a good place. To foster the flow of positive energy, I often meditate on the image of a hot air balloon. With each breath in, I imagine filling the balloon with brilliant white light. As it expands, I mentally cut any sand bags weighing me down, allowing me to lift up off the ground, becoming lighter and brighter the higher I go.

These are just a few of the steps I take on a regular basis to proactively care for and protect my energy, empowering me to feel healthy and happy every day of my life.

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