Go to It! 4 Surprising Ways to Use Honey

While we often think of honey as a sweet treat to add to our favorite tea or foods, wellness experts have used honey for years as a natural alternative to conventional remedies that can contain unwanted toxins. We investigated the sweet and sticky substance’s wealth of uses and came up with a list of favorites.

1.  Skin Cleanser and Moisturizer
You may not think to apply honey to your face but one popular use for honey is as a skin cleanser and moisturizer. First, cleanse your face with honey to help fight acne and clear imbalances in skin tone. Then, create a silky smooth facial moisturizer by mixing 4 tablespoons of honey with two egg whites and 2 tablespoons of flour. Stir the mixture and apply it to your face. Your skin will feel smooth and flawless in no time.

2. Burn Cream
Honey is a safe, natural alternative to most burn creams on the market. When applied to a burn, honey releases hydrogen peroxide that helps clean the area and ease painful inflammation. Your burn will heal and the marks will clear in less time and with less pain.

3. Vitamin A Enhancer
Vitamin A plays a vital role in multiple functions throughout the body, including vision, immune function, skin health and antioxidant activity. Honey actually enhances the body’s ability to absorb this helpful nutrient when it’s eaten with vitamin A-rich foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, eggs and milk.

4. Antibacterial Solution & Antiseptic
While historically honey has been used to treat ailments through topical application, only recently have scientists discovered why it works. Honey acts as a powerful antiseptic and antibacterial solution, eliminating bacteria and germs because of its acidic pH balance and viscous base. How can you use honey as an antibacterial solution? According to the book Cooking Well: Honey for Health and Beauty, you can apply honey to a wound, scratch or inflamed skin, in combination with an antiseptic, and minor ailments will be gone in no time!

So, Go To It! Try some of our favorite alternative uses for honey. Your body will feel the benefits from this sweet, natural healer!

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