5 Healthy Ways to Use Your Tablet

Tablets and e-readers are a hot gift this year. Sure, they’re great for reading, Web browsing and Facebook time, but we wanted to see if they could help us live healthier, too. If there’s one waiting for you under the tree, check out these five healthy uses, or if you’re giving one, consider loading it up with healthy apps for the lucky recipient. (For a chance to win your own Nook HD, sign up for our e-newsletter by 12/31/12.)

1. Grocery Shopping: We love grocery shopping with a tablet! Tablets can transform grocery shopping into a quick, fun and relaxed experience. Use your tablet to plan meals and compile your grocery list before heading to the store. While at the grocery store, you can easily look up ingredients, scan barcodes for nutrition information and compare prices.
Try: Grocery IQ (free), Grocery Gadget ($3.99)

2. Cooking. Tablets are also wonderful for cooking. Use your tablet to research recipes and save cooking tips for future use. After you’ve found your recipe and purchased your ingredients, prop up your tablet in the kitchen (somewhere safe and out of food’s way!) and refer to the recipe while cooking.
Try: Whole Foods Market Recipes (free), AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner (free)

3. Working Out. Tablets are great for working out both at home and at the gym. Take your tablet to the gym to follow specific weight-training routines. We also like using the tablet for home workout videos, such as Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred.
Try: Women’s Health workout apps ($1.99), 1000 EXERCISES ($5.99)

4. Crossword Puzzles. Get a mental workout by doing crossword puzzles on your tablet. Download any number of crossword puzzle apps and pull them up easily while waiting in line and commuting. Crossword puzzles are great for refreshing your memory and keeping your brain in shape.
Try: Crosswords app by Stand Alone ($10)

5. Yoga. Tablets are great for studying and practicing yogawithout being confined to a classroom. Whether you want to choose from the endless free yoga videos online or just want to find a few specific stretches for an ailment, tablets are great for practicing yoga with ease, especially while traveling.
Try: Authentic Yoga with Deepak Chopra ($1.99), Hatha Yoga: Your Portable Yoga studio ($9.99)

How do you use your tablet? Share your healthy tips below!

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