5 Insider Tips From a Health and Wellness Editor

If you like learning about health and wellness, Heather Jackson may have your dream job. As executive editor at Harmony Books, she works closely with bestselling authors like Jillian Michaels, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, Suzanne Somers, Timothy Ferriss and more. We asked her what she’s learned from 20 years of editing these leaders in the field. Here’s what she said:

1. Don’t take your life or your health too seriously. Though most of us can generally find areas where we can do a little more, becoming obsessed with healthy living isn’t healthy. And it’s no fun.

2. Do eat your veggies. Though the doctors, nutritionists and wellness experts I’ve worked with throughout the years may disagree on fat, carbs, grains, even fruit, they all agree that mom was right about piling up your plate with vegetables.

3. Don’t drink soda for breakfast. (None of my authors have explicitly said this, but since I’m sitting here this morning chugging one, I thought I’d share it. Even health editors aren’t always healthy.)

4. Do less. But do it better. It will keep you present, aware and engaged, rather than scattered, stressed and overwhelmed.

5. Don’t forget what’s important. I can’t tell you what that is, nor can any “expert.” Only you can decide how best to use your life’s time.



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