5 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Get Your Sleep On

The holidays can be an extraordinarily busy time of year—lots of celebrations, family reunions, and countless other obligations. But it’s important to remember to rest and enjoy yourself too, and part of that involves getting good quality sleep. Sleep is important for so many reasons—physically and emotionally—so we’ve gathered our favorite quotes about sleep to help us keep it top of mind and a priority during this hectic time of year!


“I make sure to have lots of pillows. When you sleep, you should sleep like a king, or a queen, and every time you turn, there should be something comfortable to greet you.”

–DJ Khaled, The Keys


“Treat yourself as well as you treat your smartphone, making sure to sleep until fully recharged.”

–Arianna Huffington, The Sleep Revolution


“Stressful activities have no place before bedtime. They can induce your body to secrete the stress hormone cortisol, which can make you feel more alert. Chill out and steer clear of anything non-chilled out.”

–Kimberly Snyder & Deepak Chopra, Radical Beauty


“The universality of sleep suggests its origins are as old as animal life on earth, an estimated six hundred million years. It also implies that sleep is more than a creature comfort. It is a requirement for life on this planet.”

–Kat Duff, The Secret Life of Sleep


“One of the most commanding roles sleep has is its ability to dictate our hormonal balance—from hormones that control appetite to hormones that help us manage stress, replenish cells, heal and fight infections, utilize energy efficiently, control weight, renew skin and bones, lower risk factors for heart disease and stroke, sharpen our planning and memory skills, improve concentration, and return organ and tissue function to more youthful states.”

–David Agus, The Lucky Years



Photo Credit: Yeko Photo Studio/Shutterstock

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