5 Tips for Practicing Fiscal Fitness this Summer

Hello summer!

For me, summer brings with it a surge of life force and creative energy. I feel even more inspired to create space and greatness in my personal and business life. For my finances, in particular, creating more space for financial influx is a key priority this season. While many of my clients express how heavy their debt makes them feel (both physically and emotionally), I remind them of the light and bright energy guiding them to flourish and bloom this summer.
Here are a few simple practices for infusing some wealth wellness into your summer:

The Load List. Without any judgment or emotion, make a list of absolutely everything that is weighing you down financially or in other areas of your life. This list might include the following:

  • clutter and disorganization,
  • unhealthy or lazy habits,
  • debt,
  • messy money practices,
  • dreams you have put aside,
  • fears that are holding you back in life,
  • overcoming negative thinking, etc.

You see, it’s never about the money; it’s what’s behind the money. Free that invalidating energy from your cells by releasing it on paper. You will instantly feel more open and lighter. Once you have your list created, prioritize the list to the best of your ability. Identify the top three items and commit to completing them. Once you are clear about your intentions and have prioritized your life, positive money momentum will begin to build, ultimately attracting more abundance into your life.

Peacefully Prosper. Simplifying your life will result in more money. It’s amazing how much money it costs to live frantically and chaotically. When we’re chaotic, we hemorrhage more money than we make and spend the rest of our time stressing about our debt. When we’re still and simple, we don’t need as much, and our inner world experiences true freedom and abundance in every way. Make a conscious choice today to choose peace over panic. Get clear on how your money making life can become more peaceful and purposeful. This may mean a career change or a simple step towards living with greater courage and purpose. Peaceful prosperity doesn’t have to be something we achieve in the future. Make creativity cash today by selling something, serving someone or sharing your genius.

Master Love Language. Remember that the words you speak become the house you live in. Vibe up your language and your being today by consciously choosing to use words that are in alignment with truth, possibility, and abundance. Remember that negative thoughts about ourselves or our money can never result in true abundance. Your money is creativity in action, and where you have money blocks, you have creative blocks. Cleaning up your language is a perfect way to start. Spend the day speaking only words of love, non-violence, joy, and prosperity.

Become a Minimalist. Create space and lightness and watch how quickly your finances begin to improve. Start by not spending any money today (this is a tough one). We are addicted to spending. When we have nothing to buy, we still need to spend. Spending is often our vehicle of choice for releasing energy. Instead of spending money today, detox your life in small ways. Go to a cardio class or maybe a yoga class and cleanse out that energy. Take some extra supplements or load up on water. Donate the stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of (see your Load List/clutter) or make some extra cash by selling a few things. The simpler you make your life, the happier you will be. I guarantee when you make space for it, abundance enters your life.

If you’re up for an extra challenge, choose today to be technology free. If you’re up for an even tougher challenge today, go tech free and voice free. Be still and silent today in a way that challenges you but feels right. I left my phone at the airport last week and chose to go a full week before getting a new one. Life changing!

Create Cash Flow. It is a universal truth that what we focus on and feel, we attract. Being obsessed with debt just creates more debt. Be responsible and face your debt, but remember that focusing your life force on cash flow is key. The challenge there is that it’s really tough to focus on cash flow when you feel financially sick to your stomach due to debt. The gift in this is that we often need these experiences to evolve and see the universal law in action. Debt is a reflection of a greater issue. Where you have debt, you have a block of creative energy in your body. You have dozens if not hundreds of ways you can serve the world today, get creative. Where in your life have you disconnected from your creative abilities and gifts? Where in your life have you gotten lazy with your creativity? Here’s a hint—you already know the answer. You just might be resisting it.

I wish for you a season of lightness, well-being, and creativity. You have everything you need right now to make financial freedom your reality. One small step at a time, you can design a life worthy of a big smile and many tears of gratitude.



Photo Credit: Sergey Novikov/Shutterstock

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