5 Ways to Save More Money in 2017

Beautiful Money author Leanne Jacobs shows us how.

As a collective this year, let’s commit to working out our mental money muscles like never before. More than ever, we are seeking overall wellness and a deeper sense of meaning and connection, but what we haven’t explored, is how our money can act as a gauge, guide and teacher in helping us achieve those objectives.

I had to learn the hard way that prioritizing the material world over my inner self wasn’t smart. My pursuit of wealth and success left me spiritually starving and weighted down with debt. It took me more than a decade, but my financial situation helped me learn that being too attached to anything outside of myself is unhealthy. With patience and practice, I became financially free and keenly aware that time and health are some of our greatest assets.

If prioritizing status and worldly possessions has left you emotionally and financially bankrupt, take this opportunity to make 2017 your year of holistic wealth: the practice of creating mindful, harmonious and purposeful wealth and well-being. I have put together some simple holistic wealth strategies that will heal your body and your bank account. These strategies will absolutely result in more robust savings, a detox from debt, and a more beautiful outlook on your financial future. Here’s to a year of Beautiful Money!

1) Choose harmony over hustle: Instead of trying to keep up, catch up and kiss up—make a vow to yourself that 2017 will be the year of you. Implement simple changes into your life that will benefit your well-being and your money. Set clear boundaries for yourself, create more space on your calendar and learn to lovingly say no. When you put yourself first, watch what happens to your spending. When you feel peaceful inside, you really don’t need so much on the outside.

2) Set your 2017 income goal: Instead of waiting until the end of the year to see how much you made, set your 2017 income goal today. Raise the bar over last year and choose a number that will gently nudge you out of your comfort zone without making you feel uneasy. Write down this number and clearly commit to yourself that you are ready to grow into this greater income. Be mindful, of course, that this higher income will require greater excellence, order and clarity in your life. The great news is when you start your year off with an energy of calm focus, you become self-motivated to make it happen. You will feel a deep desire in your gut to hold true to your intention and soar that net worth.

3) Sleep Wealthy: Saving and sleeping go hand in hand. Between 50 and 70 million adults in America have a sleep disorder. One of the major causes of the growing number of people reporting sleep disorders is stress. If money is one of the biggest, if not the biggest cause of stress, let’s commit to a practice of healthier and wealthier sleep. Start your sleeping wealth practice by being in the driver’s seat of your financial life. Keep your days orderly and organized, so your nights can be spent sleeping soundly. Automate your savings, commit to saving more, and manage your money with thoughtfulness. Pay your bills on time, organize your receipts and commit to saving even an extra $20 per week, today! Knowing your numbers now (such as your net worth and credit score), will set you up for serious prosperity momentum moving forward. Remember not to judge yourself or be unkind to yourself when calculating your numbers. Know the numbers, but don’t judge them. Do the math then move forward with confidence and purpose.

4) Start a mindful money practice: When we embark on the great dash for money, it leads to living a life of being busy (and often broke). Make money mindfulness a daily practice instead. Use tools like meditation and exercise to move scarcity energy and thinking out of the mind and body. Free your body of all energy that is not aligned with grace, love and abundance. I just bought a treadmill specifically for this purpose. If I have some wasteful energy in the body, I can hop on my treadmill and quickly run off the residual waste. A yoga class or an outdoor run is my ideal but sometimes a quick sprint on the treadmill will do.

Visualize yourself into wealth as well! Visualizing yourself exactly where you intend to be is truly how I got myself here. Once your holistic wealth destination is crystal clear in your mind, move it to a vision board. Visually focusing on your desired destination each day will create money momentum. Another great practice for money mindfulness is a mantra. Mantras such as ‘I am worthy of great wealth’ and ‘I vibe on the wavelength of wealth’ are two of my personal favorites.

5) Affirm your wealth-worth: Focusing on more savings and less debt is key, but let’s not under-estimate our creative genius. On a daily basis, let’s remind ourselves that we have the power to create cash on command. Let’s make 2017 our year of creatively generating an additional $100-$200 per month (or greater). Our gifts are there to serve us and to be shared with the world. We are worthy of wealth and we owe it to ourselves to share our gifts. Make 2017 your year for releasing fear around money. Know with every cell of your body that you were born to thrive and to reap. Share your gifts with the world and gracefully embrace the incoming abundance. Better yet, expect the incoming abundance. Know your worth, trust your worth and share your worth.

My desire for all of us this year is that we make the time to breathe in what we truly desire and exhale what is no longer serving us. As my spiritual mentor always says “all disorder arises from improper breathing.” I have found this to be absolutely true.


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