6 Healthy Halloween Candy Alternatives

We all know Halloween isn’t exactly the most waistline-friendly holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have frighteningly good fun!

These days, more and more healthy foods can be found in small pre-packaged portions, making it easier to give little (or grown-up) trick-or-treaters nutritious snacks. Here’s a list of easy-to-find alternatives that we promise the kids will be ‘goblin’ up in no time!

1. Popcorn
This whole-grain snack is naturally low in calorie with around 30 calories per cup (air-popped). Watch for sugary toppings and flavorings that can weigh it down with lots of calories and sodium.

2. Dried Fruit
Kids might say booooo to fresh fruit, so why not go with the dried variety? Pass out individual portions of fruit (with no added sugar) in fun forms like rolls or bars. Leftovers can be saved for packed lunches or quick snacks.

3. Fruit Squeeze Pouches
Like dried fruit, pureed fruit such as applesauce and other blends are kid-friendly alternatives to fresh fruit. Check out fruit in squeeze pouches. They don’t require utensils and can be eaten on the run.

4. Nuts/Seeds
Packed with protein, healthy fats, dietary fiber and minerals like zinc and magnesium, these plant-based bites are easy to tote around and eat. Look for single-serve packages that are around 1-ounce each.

5. Dark Chocolate
Surprise! Dark chocolate is good for you. Packed with heart-healthy flavanols, chocolate can help boost circulation in the body. But the downside is that it’s caloric, so opt for small individually-wrapped squares.

6. Water
While water might not be a real party pleaser, it helps the thirsty little ghouls hydrate as they’re walking around the neighborhood. Pass out half-pint bottles of water—they’re free of calories and resealable.


Photo Credit: stockcreations/Shutterstock.com

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