7 Home Accessories To Make Your Busy Life Better

You’re swamped. You leave for work early in the morning, and sometimes you don’t return until dark. Your home is your sanctuary (mostly) but there are a few gadgets, and accessories missing that would surely take it from good to great. Here are some simple upgrades—all with optimum functionality and convenience—designed to make your home as stress-free as possible.

1. Charging Station
Instead of reaching for the cord that routinely falls behind the nightstand or the bed, or lays on the floor all day, get yourself a charging station that sits on a table top. If you have multiple devices, like a tablet or a separate work phone, try a unit that has multiple spaces for each charger so that every evening your technology will be sitting pretty—and at your fingertips.

2. Sink Grid
This is such a simple solution to a common problem. Having a grid prevents your dishes from settling at the bottom of your sink, possibly blocking the drain and piling up in dirty dishwater. When you wash your dishes, it’s a noticeable difference from having to wrestle with whatever cup or saucer is blocking the water from draining. Plus, you can always leave your favorite morning coffee mug drying on the grid—out of sight but still totally accessible.

3. An Entry-Way Station
Keys, wallet, work bag, gym bag, purse… they all likely end up on the floor each day. If you’re in a rush to get out the door the next morning, you’re bound to forget something if your items are scattered throughout your home. It’s raining; where’s that umbrella you’d bought the last time it rained? First cold day of winter? You had a winter hat somewhere… Stop the nonsense and get yourself a dedicated table, wall-mounted cubby space with designated hooks, or declutter that tiny entryway closet and put it to good use.

4. Light Remote
Lots of lamps means lots of wasted time and energy turning each one on and off. Don’t have a switch by the door and have to blindly feel your way into your home to the nearest light? Or maybe you just fell into bed only to realize you left the light on elsewhere in the house. There are a few devices that can easily solve this issue. One, in particular, has different outlet plugs that first plug into the wall, and then into your lamps. Do this for up to five lamps, which then are all controlled by a remote.

5. Hand-Held Vacuum
You don’t realize you need a dust-buster until you have it. Then, you wonder how you ever survived cleaning up the small messes and dust in your home with just your hands, a rag, and a Swiffer. Okay, so you probably have a regular-sized vacuum, but you’re not going to lug that thing out for spilled cereal, or the dust bunny you just noticed under your bed. No, you’re going to whip out your hand-held and in five seconds suck all the cheerios off the floor. Having friends over for dinner? Hand-vac the crumbs off the table and inside the couch. Poured sugar all over the counter? Vacuum it! If you have—or plan on having kids, it will become your best friend.

6. Steamer
Ironing is annoying and tedious. How many shirts have fallen victim to the wrong heat setting? With a steamer, full-sized or hand-held alike, get the job done with less risk, and a lot less skill and effort required. You can even tackle blazers, work dresses, and special occasion dresses on a whim. No more depending on the cleaners—and the accompanying expensive bill.

7. A Multi-Tool
A multi-head screwdriver, or a small all-in-one tool with different kinds of screwdrivers, small scissors and wrench are the ultimate kitchen gadgets, designed to easily and conveniently fit into any home junk drawer. If your chair leg is loose, tighten the nut with the wrench. If the kitchen cabinet knob or the handle on your end table is loose, tighten it with the screwdriver. It’s smart to have a tool with this type of gadgetry around the house so you can tackle small, everyday tasks.

For more tips, tricks, and sensible suggestions for keeping a well-maintained and clean home check out bestseller Apartment Therapy: Complete and Happy Home by Maxwell Ryan and Janel Laban.



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