A New ‘Parachute’ for Job Hunters

If you’ve ever looked for a new job or considered changing careers, chances are you’ve come across Richard Bolles’ classic job hunting book What Color Is Your Parachute?. Revised and updated annually since it was first published in 1970, Parachute has helped millions of people land new jobs and create new and interesting careers for themselves. The 2013 edition incorporates the latest social media trends and address the challenges of the current job market, and now the book has been translated further into the digital age with a new Job Hunter’s Workbook Tablet Edition for iPad or Nook. I downloaded it to see just how it works.

What Color Is Your Parachute is in large part a workbook that requires the reader to do some thinking and work to get the most out of it. The new tablet version asks questions that leads you through the process of figuring out what jobs you might be best suited for.

The “Job-Hunter’s Workbook” is laid out in a series of petals (the flower diagram is the signature of the book) and covers various aspects of life and work. It considers hobbies, what kind of people you prefer to work with, as well as favorite skills and what level of responsibility you want to undertake. The “Job-Hunter’s Workbook” isn’t just restricted to work either — it appreciates that life goals also affect what career path would be best (Do you want to start a family? Where do you want to live? etc.)

Step-by-step exercises help you discover:
•  Good job environments
•  Your values and goals
•  You best working conditions
•  What level of responsibility you’d be best suited for

And a series of interactive features include:

• Comprehensive help and hints
• Prioritization tools that help you make good choices
• Sticky-note-style reminders
• Salary calculator
• A skills grid to target your expertise and unlock your potential
• A Holland Code exercise to discover your favorite people-environments

As a visual learner, I loved the app with all of its bright, pretty colors and questions to help guide me through the process. By the end, you really do have a better idea of what career would be best for you, and you feel like you’ve had help along the way in figuring it out. “Job-Hunter’s Workbook” is yet another great tool to help put you on the path to a better career.

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