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Meal Prep Your Way to Weight Loss, Better Food and More Time to Do What You Love

Change your everyday life by changing your approach to food with these amazing tips from health and fitness expert, Nikki Sharp.

Far too often, when we approach dieting, we go about it in all the wrong ways. We basically starve ourselves by restricting food intake to gain control of what’s gone out of control, and then, as a reward, binge eat for completing a diet without indulgences. Clearly, this approach to weight loss is ineffective. In […]

What to Feed Your Baby or Toddler: A Quick Guide

Support your baby's health and development. Learn the 7 dos and don'ts of feeding your child.

The first few months of our children’s lives are certainly challenging. We make sure they’re safe in their cribs, properly secured in their car seats and worry endlessly as to whether they’ve had enough formula or breast milk to nourish their growing bodies. Just when we believe we’ve figured out some of the challenges, another […]

Preserving Childhood: The Link Between Early Puberty and Growth Hormones

How the bovine growth hormone found in milk, and increasing rates of obesity have been linked to precocious puberty in children since the early 1990s.

There’s been a noticeable increase in precocious puberty since the early 1990s, causing a decades-long concern in the parents of daughters who are pointing an accusatory finger at the hormone-treated dairy products we consume every day. The idea that while trying to nourish our children, we could actually be introducing their systems to a hormone […]

Owning Your Actions In Adulthood

It's time to grow up! Learn how to leave the excuses behind, take responsibility for your life and embrace being an adult.

A month ago I witnessed Eric Thomas, “the hip-hop preacher,” make a profound statement to a room full of hopeful entrepreneurs (I’m paraphrasing here, but it went something like this): People who make excuses for their actions are acting like children, and those who own the decisions they’ve made and the outcomes of those decisions, […]

The Quintessential Winter Stew

Brought to you with fewer calories, by The Fast Metabolism Diet Cookbook.

I love the winter months just as equally as I do summer and for all the most cliché reasons. Skiing, fresh snowfall, cozy coats and gloves, and cuddly nights by the fireplace are all the most enjoyable elements of winter. However, every part of me misses those effortless dinners on the grill while enjoying the […]

Why “True Weight” Isn’t the Number You Were at Twenty (and why that’s ok)

Discoveries I made about my weight and myself with the Dukan Diet’s "True Weight" calculator.

We all have that one pair of jeans. They sit at the bottom of the drawer, under all the other jeans that circulate through your weekly wear. They’re likely 2-3 sizes smaller than your current size, and they were at one time your favorite, most-flattering, maybe even lucky jeans. I know, because I have them […]

The Dukan Diet: An Adventure in Croatian Cuisine?

Love Mediterranean food but afraid it will derail your diet? Learn how Croatian meals support the principles of the ever so popular Dukan Diet.

Croatians love meat and it is quite literally the center of every meal. Having now been a part of my husband’s Croatian family and this meat-centric way of eating for over ten years, I was happy to see that Dr. Pierre Dukan’s diet plan supports many of the key principals that Croatians have unapologetically embraced […]

4 Healthy Replacements for Those Unhealthy Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnant? We're offering up some healthy food alternatives for mommies-to-be.

There are plenty of unexpected physical changes and sudden food preferences that arise with pregnancy. Some women crave the refreshing taste of watermelon, some are drawn to the tartness of pickles, and others like myself, lean into the sweet, sugary and overall unhealthy indulgences like cookies and candy that satisfy and comfort, but carry little […]

The Keto Reset Diet: It’s Not a Shortcut Weight Loss Program

Plus a keto-friendly recipe for Stuffed Turkey Burgers with Goat Cheese.

With The Keto Reset Diet, the idea is to end any dependency on carbohydrates or other unhealthy addictive foods, and carefully take steps towards changing your appetite in a way that will positively affect your metabolism in the long term, reprogramming it to perform in the most optimal way it can.
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