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Helen Avery

Articles by Helen Avery

8 Things That Will Remind You That You Are Good Enough

Want to break free of those nagging thoughts that tell you that you aren’t enough? Here's some candid advice on how to start celebrating the wonder of you.

How many of us believe we are enough, just as we are? That we don’t need to be a better friend or sibling or parent or child? That we’re not failing because the house is a mess, and we can’t keep our plants alive? That we’re not losing at life because we can’t ‘find our […]

Tap Into Your Feminine Body Intelligence with These 6 Practical Tantra Tips

As women, we often see the body as a chore rather than a gift, but there are simple ways to reconnect with our bodies and in doing so our raw feminine essence.

The first time I felt truly embodied was in my early thirties. I was studying with a Tantric Yoga School that incorporated practices for women to put them in touch with their Shakti essence – or divine feminine essence. One evening we had a simple ritual within a sacred circle of women. Working in pairs, […]

How to Host a Meaningful Gathering . . . Every Time

Whether it's a dinner party or an office conference, these hosting tips from The Art of Gathering will help you create more meaningful, memorable experiences for your guests.

We’ve all been there — stuck at a dinner party, listening to one inebriated guest expound their offensive views as we contemplate whether it would be rude to leave before dessert. Or perhaps it’s a cocktail party where no one introduces you, leaving you to hang out awkwardly by the cheese table, on your own, […]

What to Look for in a Guy: 15 Must-Have Qualities

Looking for a mindful partner with whom you can have a passionate relationship? Here are some characteristics that let you know yours is a keeper.

Here is a guide for women on what to look for when seeking a mindful, considerate and passionate man who fully embodies his true masculine spirit.

2 Simple Summer Kombucha Recipes Everyone Will Love

Try these simple kombucha recipes for a healthy and delicious beverage to complement all your summer parties.

Kombucha — or, “the Booch” as it is fondly called by those who drink it regularly — is typically known more for its healing properties than its delicious taste, but with the right ingredients, this fermented tea drink is the perfect summer beverage in addition to being a so-called elixir. Even better, it is also […]

In Defense of Self-Help: Get the 4 Methods That Actually Work

We forget that self-help means just that – that we have the inner ability to heal and help ourselves.

The term “self-help” today is often viewed through a negative lens — a lens of false promises made by clever marketers for instant happiness, wealth, transformation, or miracle cures. Seminars, workshops, books, DVDs, YouTube and audios that offer to fix our problems and change us from “who we are” into “who we want to be” […]

A Daily Spiritual Practice for Greater Connection and Peace

Reconnect to that place where "all is well" with these simple practices offered to us by Jivamukti founder, Sharon Gannon.

We have all had these moments where we know unequivocally that all is well — even if things appear to be going wrong. Indeed, we may describe it differently. For some, it is a feeling of connection to something greater than ourselves, or perhaps some may describe it as a quiet mind, or feeling present, […]

An A to Z Guide for Living With Less Throwaway

These tips from BuyMeOnce founder, Tara Button make living with less as simple as saying your ABCs.

Once embedded in the world of advertising, Tara Button decided to leave it all behind and start a life committed to buying less and buying for life, founding the website and movement BuyMeOnce. In her book, A Life Less Throwaway, Button reveals how we too can make small changes that will bring us more happiness, […]

When You Travel Alone, Remarkable Things Happen

It is in this quieter, calmer state of mind that we naturally become more adventurous, creative and keenly aware of the exciting details of the world around us.

From the moment the front door closes behind me, and I pick up my travel bags ready to plop them into a car, cab, train or airplane hold, an enormous sense of peace washes over me. I love to travel, and I cherish time spent alone, and to combine the two . . . well, […]

Reconnect with Your Creative Self and Get Happy

Want more joy and playfulness in your life? Start to unleash your childlike creativity.

Four things accompanied me everywhere I went as a little girl: Snowy the threadbare cat, a field guide to garden wildlife, a children’s encyclopedia of science, and the latest copy of Twinkle magazine (yup, I am British). Among the latter’s 20-odd pages of stories about Nurse Nancy who ran a hospital for poorly toys, and […]