Jake Cohen

Articles by Jake Cohen

They’re Just Great Restaurants

Modern vegetable-focused eateries are changing the stigmas surrounding vegetarian food.

When do you stop becoming known as a great vegetable-focused restaurant, and just as a great restaurant? There is a connotation around this cuisine that it has to be super healthy and nowhere close to filling. However, with the right attention, vegetables can transform into full meals that will leave you impressed and stuffed. Chefs, […]

Give Your Vegetables the Respect They Deserve

The secret to getting the most flavor and nutrition out of your veggies is a little TLC.

Vegetables often take a supporting role in the kitchen, losing in popularity to juicy meat, gooey cheese and rich starches. However, more often than not, the real reason behind your veg falling flat isn’t from an absence of flavor, but simply a lack of care and attention. Mushy broccoli and limp green beans do not […]
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