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Julia Bartz

Julia Bartz is a yoga instructor, Reiki II practitioner, MSW candidate, and the co-founder of Demystified. Follow her on Twitter at @juliabartz or Instagram at @juliabartzwellness.

Articles by Julia Bartz

What Is Healthy Anger and How Can You Use It to Your Advantage?

Harriet Lerner’s The Dance of Anger shows how you can use your anger to figure out — and get — what you want.

Anger might be one of the most complex emotions around. However it arises — a faint wisp of annoyance, a slow burn of hostility, or a Mack Truck of rage — it can cause us to think, say, and do things we’d never normally consider if we were in our “right minds.” Afterward, we may […]

How Women Can Take Back Their Power in Bed and Beyond

Author, educator and activist, Jaclyn Friedman shows women how to own their sexual agency in the age of fauxpowerment.

Are you dissatisfied with your sex life? Does the term “sexual empowerment” seem unrelatable to you? If you identify as a woman, the reasons might be entirely different than what you think. Author, educator and activist, Jaclyn Friedman likens it to the movie, The Matrix: “[Women have] got this little splinter in their minds telling them […]

Exercise Your Way to Better Mental Health

Scott Douglas’s Running Is My Therapy shows how cardio can be an effective treatment in managing anxiety and depression.

I hate running. From my high school struggle to get through the mile in gym class to a recent 5K training fail (I have “malformed” knees, according to X-rays), running has never been my friend. For this reason, I was somewhat wary of Running is My Therapy, a book by Scott Douglas. As a therapist, […]

HSPs in Love: How to Optimize your Relationship as or with a Sensitive Person

Author and researcher Elaine Aron provides solutions for highly sensitive people seeking happier, healthier romantic relationships.

The first step is figuring out your sensitivity level, or whether or not you classify as an HSP (highly sensitive person). Books for Better Living covered this topic last year, and research continues to confirm the existence and importance of HSPs. Perhaps this is because our individualistic, capitalist, “go-getter” society shows little acceptance for those […]

Be Your Own Best Friend: How to Use Resonant Language to Become Your Biggest Supporter

In Your Resonant Self, therapist Sarah Peyton explains how changing the brain’s default mode network is the key to self-compassion.

What does your inner voice say when something goes wrong? Does it offer soothing words like, it wasn’t your fault, or that you were only doing your best? Or does it blame and criticize you, calling you stupid, lazy, or worse? Many people, especially those with anxiety and depression, suffer from a harsh self-critical inner […]

Why Yoga and Psychology Need Each Other

Psychotherapist and yoga instructor, Mariana Caplan makes a case for combining both fields, with powerful effects.

“Yoga saved half my life; psychology saved the other.” With these words, psychotherapist and yoga teacher Mariana Caplan begins her book Yoga & Psyche. Starting in her teens, Caplan followed both fields separately, turning from one to the other when necessary. Initially, she met spiritual teachers who guided and nurtured her, but was left traumatized […]

How Yoga Can Heal Trauma

Here are a few tips for getting more healing power out of your yoga classes.

Yoga can have many benefits: quieting your mind, strengthening your body, and providing a much-needed break from your phone. One lesser known advantage is that yoga can be a powerful method for healing trauma. Trauma is not lacking in our society. The recent #metoo movement has shone a spotlight on just how many have experienced […]