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3 Strategies to Help Your Shy Kid Get Over Their Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is manageable, and your child can learn how to become as confident as they should be through these three practical steps.

Most of us have felt shy before. Maybe we’re about to walk onstage in front of an audience, or maybe we’re entering a party where we don’t know many people. But for some kids, social anxiety can be almost debilitating. When it comes to talking to people, they freeze up and feel utterly self-conscious, as […]

How to Fully Forgive Someone & Move On for Your Own Good

Waiting for an apology from an offender? Don't waste your time. True healing from forgiveness starts from within. It may not be easy, but the spiritual benefits make it well worth the effort.

Sticks and stones may be the things that break your bones, but words and actions can still cut, which is why saying you forgive someone for something they’ve done to hurt you is much easier than actually doing it. Nevertheless, it is important that we embrace healing in the form of forgiveness. When we permit […]

Abundance Begins with You: How to Face and Overcome Your Financial Fears

True abundance comes when we shift our thinking about money. Here are a few solutions that will not only help raise your net worth but your self-worth as well.

There might be some truth to the saying, “Money is the root of all evil.” For many of us, our egos are directly tied to our bank accounts. We feel worthy and happy when we have money, and then we strive for even more money and material things when our “happiness” begins to wane. Does […]

Laughter: It’s Good for Your Health

You know laughing feels good, but did you know it benefits the body too?

The late television personality Milton Berle knew what he was saying when he uttered, “Laughter is an instant vacation.” Take yourself back to a time when you just couldn’t contain your laughter. The moment was so blissful and authentic that it could never be recreated. As great as that moment felt emotionally, it was also […]

Foolproof Tips for Going Vegan

The process of becoming a vegan may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few low-lift tips to help get you started.

You probably already know that a plant-based diet is better for living a healthier, longer life (and helping the planet do the same). Vegans tend to treat the Earth better as a whole by paying more attention to where their food is sourced. But if you’ve adopted the belief that going vegan or vegetarian is just […]

How to Spot a Sociopath and Avoid Getting Into a Relationship with One

Learn to recognize the remorseless with this simple tip from The Sociopath Next Door author, Martha Stout, Ph.D.

We all can recognize a sociopathic character in either a book, movie or television program. And the thought of encountering a person that displays these types of traits in our own lives is the stuff nightmares are made of. But with four percent of the population considered to be sociopathic, many of us will have […]

4 Tips to Help You Get Over a Breakup and Turn It Into a Break-over

Learn how to handle a breakup so you can come out stronger and better than before.

The aftermath of being dumped can shake you right to your core. The bed feels cold and empty, and despair disguises itself as a sinking feeling in your stomach that just won’t go away, nor will the many unanswered questions floating around in your head. Why me? What did I do wrong? Why doesn’t he love […]

How to Choose a Baby Name: A Simple Guide

To put it simply, a baby’s name is with them for life. Here's how to pick the best name for your baby without getting overwhelmed.

At some point in our lives, most of us have found ourselves sitting in front of a web browser about to Google search our own name, just to see what pops up. But why? What is behind this curiosity? In other words, why do we care about our names so much that we allow them […]

How to Work Through 3 Common Marriage Problems to Come Out Stronger Than Ever

There are a few milestones that every marriage goes through—here’s how to handle them.

It’s the question posed and grappled by many modern humans: “How do you make a marriage work?” To most people, marriage is a rightfully intimidating concept. It’s a lifelong commitment to someone, meaning your trials and tribulations are going to be shared with another person. As great as that can sometimes be, it can also be pretty scary and boding.

How to Get a Side Hustle Off the Ground When You Have No Clue

There's an art to making money in your spare time—here’s some help to getting it right.

Getting paid for pursuing your passion is what every modern person dreams of. Imagine a Monday morning where you get up and paint all day in your own studio rather than commute into an office where you toil away at spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Sounds pretty nice, right? Still, as most of us know, turning a […]
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