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Mastering the Art of Barbecue

If you are looking for a guide to classic American grilling, look no further than Michael Symon’s Playing with Fire. Walk through the basics with his simple recipe for Grilled Corn and Tomato Salad.

Chef Michael Symon has put multiple cities such as Cleveland and Detroit squarely on the culinary map with his restaurants Lola Bistro, Angeline, Roast, Bar Symon, and B Spot Burgers. His latest restaurant, Mabel’s BBQ, stemmed from a lifelong obsession with live-fire cooking. In preparing for his BBQ restaurant, Symon traveled across the country, from […]

Why You Should be Foraging for New Ingredients

Learn how Johnna Holmgren's deep appreciation for nature brought sustainable, spontaneous cooking to her table. Plus, add a dose of natural nutrients to your mornings with her reishi mushroom latte recipe.

I vividly recall a foraging trip that I went on a few years back when I was living in Ireland. We spent the day with a couple of local guides, foraging along a beach, thirty minutes or so outside of Dublin. I remember walking along the beach, and one of the guides would point to […]

Living the Vegan Life (with an Italian Twist)

A celebration of a delicious, simple, and sustainable lifestyle.

Meet Rich Roll . . . On the cusp of his 40th birthday, Rich was your average “couch potato” — middle-aged, fifty pounds overweight, semi-depressed, and unenthusiastic about life. But then he had an epiphany. He changed his relationship with food, adopted a vegan/plant-based lifestyle, and went on to become one of the leading ultra-distance […]

Shabbat Dinner for Millennials

An evening to reflect, break bread, and connect.

What is Shabbat? In a nutshell, Shabbat is a day of rest, reflection, and celebration. It begins on Friday at sunset and ends the following evening after nightfall. Six days of work, followed by a seventh day of rest, to remind us of the harsh demands of labor that were inflicted upon the Israelite slaves […]

What’s Ginger Bug and Why You Need to Know About It

Fit this wild, lacto-fermented, effervescent drink into your daily routine and start transforming your health for the better.

You may be familiar with the term probiotic, which means “for life” (pro = for and biotic = relating to life). Alas, fermented foods are alive. They not only preserve nutrients but break them down into more digestible forms. Fermented foods are rich in lactobacilli, the health-enhancing probiotics like those found in yogurt, which promote […]

Lagom: A Swedish Ethos to a Harmonious Life

A simple approach to achieving a more balanced life.

Lagom, a Swedish term meaning just the right amount; not too much, not too little, sufficient, enough, just right. Lagom also translates into balance, happiness, and living in moderation. It’s about creating a happier and more balanced everyday life. Lagom is not a set of ideas or standards but rather a flexible concept that can […]

Gaz Oakley: the Innovative Vegan Chef You Need to Know

Plus a recipe for Chorizo-Style Chili Dogs from Gaz's new book, Vegan 100.

Gaz Oakley is the 25-year-old, avant-garde vegan chef and author of Vegan 100. But he wasn’t always vegan. He started studying cooking or “catering,” the latter as it is referred to in Wales, UK, at the age of 14. Soon thereafter, at the age of 15, he landed his first restaurant job. After finding himself […]
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