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Why We All Need to Give the Middle Finger to Rudeness

Insults, slights and bad attitudes aren’t just frustrating, they’re doing massive damage to our health.

In my professional life, I have worked with incredible people. Thoughtful leaders, genuine do-gooders, and talented superstars with in-check egos. I’ve also worked alongside people who swore and demeaned others simply because their bosses did, who walked by never saying hello or making eye contact in the hall, and a few who even pretended they […]

Lauren Toyota Proves Vegans Really Do Have More Fun

Raw, leafy, boring? Not a chance. In her debut cookbook, Vegan Comfort Classics, the goddess of in-your-face vegan food has spoken.

If the meat-eaters you know still make fun of vegans because they eat “rabbit food,” then they clearly haven’t seen Hot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics, with Lauren Toyota’s decadent vegan renditions of all the fried, stuffed, mashed, and layered comfort food any glutton could lust after. Her first cookbook, Vegan Comfort Classics, debuts this […]

So Long, Smartphone. Hello, Freedom!

If you don't think you have a problem, you haven’t read Catherine Price’s new book yet.

Hubris will get you every time. I picked up Catherine Price’s new book, How to Break Up with Your Phone, not expecting much. Like the author, I am a member of the unique Oregon Trail generation; the ones who watched technology unfold as young teenagers and then rapidly take over the world as we became […]

4 Ways to Reboot Your Health

Discover popular methods to jumpstart your metabolism, kick your sugar habit, and usher in a better you for 2018.

Too much coffee, too little sleep, too busy: January can be an intense moment of reckoning as we swivel away from the entertainment and indulgences of the holidays and face a more somber and sober time of year. The New Year is often when we ask ourselves that common—but mighty—question: What do I want to […]

5 Ways to Masterfully Raise a Strong-Willed Child

If you’re stuck in a cycle of push-react-push with a mini-tyrant, take heart and heed this advice.

Handling an alpha personality in the boardroom can be challenging, but it doesn’t hold a candle to parenting one at home. A strong-willed child is a beautiful thing—opinionated, independent, full of tenacity. Yet it’s those same exact qualities that can sap even the most devoted parent of their energy, enthusiasm, and patience. Before you free-fall […]

6 Ways to Find Success as Your Authentic Self

Are you constantly busy but never feel fulfilled? It’s time to press pause, tap into your inner wisdom, and realign your goals.

When a company layoff left me reeling, I was left with two inevitable, looming questions: “Why me?” and “What’s next?” It’s a juncture author and spiritual motivator Danielle LaPorte thrives on. In her world, there’s no room for wallowing in what-ifs or stagnating in a sea of “someday, maybe.” You are the agent of change, […]

Moroccan Chicken Gets a Welcome Make-Under

Watching your sodium intake? This low-salt, slow cooker recipe from the American Heart Association has your number.

In our food-obsessed age with everything “salted,” it’s easy to forget that not everyone should be dousing their plate with high-end sprinkles of sodium. And by “everyone” I mean a lot of us. Low-salt cooking isn’t de rigueur, but it is essential for those combatting heart disease and high blood pressure—as well as for those […]

4 Ways to Improve Any Relationship

Discover how fear gets in the way—and what you can do about it.

At a recent holiday party, I ponied up to the bar with two new acquaintances. Both single, both weary from it. “I’m a lazy dater!” one chuckled gleefully, realizing she had landed on the perfect way to explain her relationship status. “Me too,” the other agreed, with a reluctant sigh. Now married, I get it. […]

Walking in a Winter Waffle Land

Cold weather calls for cozy weekend brunches, but what about those New Year resolutions? Here’s the solution.

The holidays are always an intense cocktail of delight and stress, but there is one thing I can always count on: My husband’s incredible gift-giving abilities. His presents are always thoughtful, and usually something I wanted without realizing just how much I wanted it, but it’s safe to say they aren’t always the most selfless. […]

Listen In the Kitchen

Set “play” to these celebrity narrated audiobooks and set the scene for your next culinary adventure.

Anything you do becomes better when you enjoy it—cooking including. Whether you have a few harried minutes or a leisurely evening to craft a meal, putting on something you love to listen to can make the difference between “I have to” and “I get to.” At BBL, we are admitted bibliophiles, so it only makes […]
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