Piero Ferrucci

PIERO FERRUCCI, a former student of and collaborator with transpersonal psychologist Roberto Assagioli, is a staff member of the Psychosynthesis Institute of Florence, Italy, and the International Federation of Medical Psychotherapy. He is the author of The Power of Kindness, What We May Be, Inevitable Grace, and What Our Children Teach Us, among other titles. He lives in the Tuscan countryside with his wife and children.

Articles by Piero Ferrucci

Quickest Path to Happiness? Being Kind.

There are infinite ways, implicit or explicit, microscopic or gigantic, episodic or lasting, superficial or substantial, of bringing into the life of another person some benefit, relief, cheerfulness, hope, well-being, intellectual or spiritual growth, ecstasy. Service helps us purify our own motivation, become disinterested, and therefore freer.
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