Suzanne Morrison

A writer and solo performer currently living in Seattle, SUZANNE MORRISON has a one-woman show, Yoga Bitch, which has been called "Ambitious, ballsy, and hilarious" by Seattle Weekly and "New Age Nirvana" by Time Out London. The show has played to sold-out houses in New York City, Maui, Seattle, Memphis, London, and Oxford. Her work has been covered in the Seattle Times, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Weekly, and in blogs such as and seattlest. You can find Suzanne at Huffington Post and at, where she writes about absolutely everything she's reading, writing, and rehearsing.

Articles by Suzanne Morrison

Changing My Marriage One Cleanse at a Time

As part of our New Years’ Resolutions, my husband and I decided we would like to get healthy. Or we thought we did, until the nutritionist we sought out to help us get healthy told us that we might consider trying a plant-based diet for a while. That’s when we began to have second thoughts.

The Twenty-Four Hour Yoga Cure for Trolls

Writers often say that we kill our passions by writing about them. We start the process innocently enough: we can’t help but want to write about the subjects that obsess us. In my case, it was yoga. In 2002 I followed my yoga teacher to Indonesia for a two-month yoga retreat and came home with […]
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