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Ta-Tanisha Williams

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Farewell from Books for Better Living

Eleven years ago, we set out to create a community here at Books for Better Living that provided inspiring ideas and resources dedicated to helping you live your best life through the wisdom of wellness books. We are sad to say that our journey with you on the road to wellness is coming to an […]

Mindfulness Meditation Downloads

Get free guided meditations from the life-changing international bestseller, Mindfulness: an Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World.

From one of the leading thinkers on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, comes a pioneering set of simple practices to dissolve anxiety, stress, exhaustion, and unhappiness. In Mindfulness, Oxford professor Mark Williams and award-winning journalist Dr. Danny Penman reveal the secrets to living a happier and less anxious, stressful and exhausting life. Based on the techniques of […]

8 Brilliant Book Gifts for Mindful Mothers

Want your mom to know how much you love her? You can start by showing her that you're paying attention. This Mother's Day, gift her a book that speaks directly to her—mind, body, and spirit.

From the time we are born up until the time we hit our pre-teens, many of us view our mothers as flawless, caring wonders—a thing of pure perfection. But as we grow older, we begin to see them as so much more than their role as mother; we begin to see them for who they […]

Rodale U Has Closed

Rodale U has closed down. We appreciate your support in the past! If you’re looking for more great wellness content, we encourage you to explore our sister website, Books for Better Living, where you’ll discover all the things you need to live a well-balanced, happy, and healthy life. For any customer service inquiries regarding the […]

Recipe: Oven-Baked Rosemary Crisps/Chips

From the pages of Leah Vanderveldt's The New Nourishing comes a recipe for potato chips made healthy.

We all know that overindulging in salty snacks can be bad for our health, but when it comes to a good potato chip, what they say is true; it's hard to stop at just one. Thankfully we don't have to with this tasty (and healthy) spin on the classic potato chip from Leah Vanderveldt's new cookbook, The New Nourishing.

Recipe: Confetti Quinoa Salad

Fuel your workouts and your life with this simple vegan recipe from The No Meat Athlete Cookbook.

With the rise of vegan sport champions, like Olympic weightlifter Kendrick Farris and tennis star Serena Williams, athletes have been looking for ways to both stay fit and transition to a whole-food diet. The No Meat Athlete global movement has running clubs in over 70 cities, and No Meat Athlete founder and ultra-marathoner, Matt Frazier, […]

Power in the Parable

Eight years ago I was working at one of the top ten corporate law firms in the country. The money was great, I had my own office, I had access to the company's biggest clients, and I worked alongside some of the most powerful and well-respected partners in the field. Despite the status and perks that came with the job, I was desperately unhappy.

The Trim Healthy Mama Plan: The Basics

Authors Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison share "The Basics" to finding and maintaining "your trim" for life.

Forget the fad diets, join the food freedom movement. Counting calories is out. All the food groups are in. Becoming trim and healthy doesn’t have to be difficult or painstaking anymore. After trying almost every fad diet out there, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, creators of the Trim Healthy Mama movement, took matters into their […]