BBL on the Web: How to Get Better Sleep

Here at BBL, the first week of June did not disappoint. It has been the week of Book Expo America, and we are exhausted! After the dizzying array of book signings and after-work cocktail parties, this weekend definitely calls for some good old rest and relaxation, while, of course, reading all our new book finds.

Because we know we’re not the only ones deprived of sleep, we have rounded up the latest articles from around the web about the effects of too-little sleep and how to get more of it. Read these articles now (not before you go to bed—it is bad to have electronics near the bed) and look forward to the most restful weekend you’ve had in a while.

Strange Celebrity Sleep Habits (The Huffington Post)

Does Sleeping with a Partner Improve Your Health? (The Wall Street Journal)

How Sleep Deprivation Shuts Down Your Brain (Scientific American)

Natural Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep (Fox News)


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