A Beginner’s Guide to Crystals

Shift your vibration to be in harmony with the love, prosperity, peace, and protection you desire through the use of crystals.

It’s no secret that crystals are trending right now. But what can they do for you? Crystals work in subtle ways to change the energy of your environment, serve as talismans (aka lucky charms), and align your personal energy to the specific vibration you’re looking for. Every physical object is made up of atoms that are constantly in motion. The atoms of crystals, unlike the atoms that make up a human body, follow the most symmetrical pattern possible. This means that the vibration of each crystal is a consistent, harmonious energy that we can tune into. Crystals work on a subtle magical level over time, shifting your vibration to be in harmony with the love, prosperity, peace, or protection you desire.

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Choosing Crystals

Many shops now carry a variety of crystals. You don’t need to spend much money to bring crystals into your life. In fact, you don’t need to spend money at all: the local minerals and rocks in your area are yours to choose from as well.

When choosing a crystal, pay attention to how it makes you feel. Pick it up and roll it around in your palm if it’s small enough, or place a hand on it to feel the charge. The way a crystal looks is only important insofar as it matters to you and affects your mood. Some of the most powerful crystals have obvious flaws, or they’re scuffed and dull. The energy vibrating from within is the magic that you want.

Clearing and Charging Crystals

It’s essential to clear crystals of energy, especially if you bought them in a store where they have been handled by many different people. You can do this using several methods.

  • Smoke. Burn some herbs or incense and pass your crystal through the smoke several times.
  • Water. Hold your crystal under running water, submerge it briefly in a fresh lake, river, or stream near your home, or submerge it briefly in a bowl of fresh spring water.
  • Earth. Bury your crystal in the ground or in a potted plant and leave it overnight. Don’t forget to clearly mark the spot where you buried it!
  • Sunlight. A sun bath is a good idea for any new crystal you bring home. Leave the crystal in a sunny place for at least four hours.

After you’ve cleared the crystal once, you can use any of these methods to charge the crystal with natural energy again. Crystals can also be charged under a full moon, as moonlight is powerful magic energy. Other ways to charge crystals include playing music, chanting, or holding them in your hands and breathing the intention of charged energy around them.

Using Crystals

Crystals can be used in many different ways to align your energy and work your magic. Here are a few ways to interact with crystal energy.

  • Placing crystals in your home. Where you place a crystal can have an effect on the energy in that room. Calming, protective crystals such as amethyst can be placed in the bedroom. Crystals that activate the energy of health, such as clear quartz, can be placed in the kitchen.
  • Baths and Elixirs. You can place crystals in your bath for an especially calming self-care experience. You can also make a powerful elixir by putting crystals in a jar of fresh water and bathing it under the full moon. Drink the elixir to infuse yourself with the energy of the crystals you’ve chosen.
  • Chakra Meditation. If you work with chakras, you can place crystals of corresponding colors on your chakra (e.g., blue for the throat chakra) and breathe in the crystal energy as you open that chakra.

Five Types of Crystals to Start With


1. Hematite: Balance, Recharging, Grounding, Protection

Hematite has a powerful magnetic frequency and heavy weight that makes it perfect for grounding. When polished, this stone is a dark gray color with a metallic sheen. You can put hematite on your desk to anchor you in the present moment and help you maintain balance as you work. Carry a small hematite stone with you or wear hematite jewelry to stay balanced, especially if you are feeling stressed.




2. Jade: Intuition, Luck, Prosperity

Jade is a lucky money stone, so if you are looking for prosperity, jade is your talisman! This green-colored stone has been prized for centuries as a crystal for wealth and abundance. Jade corresponds to intuition because it aligns you to your higher purpose. When you are clear about who you are, your natural gifts will attract success. Keep jade on your altar to attract money, bring a stone to your office, or carry it around with you for prosperity.




3. Lepidolite: Calming, Lifts Depression, and Anxiety

Lepidolite is less heavy and intense than hematite, so if you’re looking for a calming influence more than a grounding one, this is a good stone for you. This silvery lilac or rose-colored stone is full of lithium, the chemical used in powerful pharmaceutical antidepressants. Hold this stone to breathe in balance, calm, and the reminder that everything is okay.




4. Garnet: Passion and Sensuality

This wine-red stone activates passion, whether it’s creative passion, passionate living, or a passionate love affair. Use garnet to release inhibitions or creative blocks, and to regenerate after a period of loss, chaos, or trauma. You can even place garnet under your mattress to infuse your love life with more passion.



rose quartz

5. Rose Quartz: Love, Compassion, Kindness

Rose Quartz, named for its rose-pink color, holds the energy of love in all its forms. This crystal corresponds to the heart chakra. You can place rose quartz in your home, wear it in jewelry, or carry it with you to heal from a broken heart, attract romance, and open your heart to compassion and kindness for all.


For more information on choosing, using, programming, charging and cleansing these enhancing stones, check out Crystals: The Modern Guide to Crystal Healing.



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