Better Living on the Web: Love and Healthy Hearts

In case you didn’t notice by the candy, flowers and awkward singing telegram at your co-worker’s desk, yesterday was Valentine’s Day. The month of February is both metaphorically and literally a celebration of the heart since it is the month of love’s patron St. Valentine and also American Heart Month. It turns out that a healthy heart is good, and a healthy heart in love is even better. Below we have collected articles that teach you how to keep your heart in tip-top shape and how a heart in love is beneficial to your overall health.

10 Reasons Why It is Good to Have a Significant Other (Huffington Post)

Best Foods for Your Heart (

Falling in Love and Staying in Love: A Health Story (The Washington Post)

Heart Healthy Habits to Adopt (SheKnows)

So whether you have a significant other or not, find someone special in your life (mother, brother, sister, aunt, friend) and focus on the love, not lack thereof, in your life. You can even go a step further by enjoying a glass of red wine or dark chocolate together, which will promote heart health all in one quick step!


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