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Better Living on the Web: Mother’s Day Edition

Did you know that some version of Mother’s Day is celebrated in over 100 countries? Even though the dates differ, much of the world pays homage to how important women are in the lives of their children. Motherhood is a (sometimes) thankless job and the deepest joy many women will ever experience. And because this weekend will be a celebration of all the great women in our lives, we here at BBL thought we’d follow suit.

Below we’ve collected a few inspiring stories, articles and quotes perfect for Mother’s Day. So whether you’re a mom yourself, spending time with your own mother, or enjoying the holiday with friends, we hope you make the best of the upcoming holiday. Enjoy!

23 weeks, 6 Days: An inspiring story of a mother’s experience when her baby was born a day shy of the “viable” 24-week sweet spot. (Radiolab)

New Traditions to Start With Mom: Creative ways to stay in touch (and get closer) with your mother. (LilSugar)

6 Friends Every Mom Needs in her “Momtourage” (

Mom Quotes on Pinterest: Quotes that foster a sense of gratitude for being (or having) a mom. (Pinterest)

Funny Parenting Books for Moms (

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