Better Living on the Web: The Dangers of Sugar

This past summer, in an effort to be healthy, I decided to cut sugar out of my diet as much as possible. I braced myself for a difficult task of self-control, but, interestingly, what I found was that it was less about my self-control and more about grocery shopping—everything in the store seems to have sugar in it!

More and more studies are being conducted on the health effects of sugar, and while researchers keep finding that the sweet stuff is root of several diseases, food producers continue to put it into everyday foods such as bread, ketchup, yogurt and even so-called healthy drinks such as Vitamin Water.

In my quest to ditch the sugar habit, I would buy a food I thought was sugar-free only to find out later that there was sugar in it, but it was masquerading as something else, like evaporated cane juice. It turns out I’m not the only one miffed by this sugar deception; a lot has been written about it. Below we have collected articles from around the web that explain the health problems sugar presents how to avoid it in your diet. Also, did you catch the new campaign called “Sugar is Killing Us”? Check out the video below.

Is Sugar By Any Other Name Just As Unhealthy? (Huffington Post)

Why Sugar Is Bad For You (Rodale)

Avoid Sugar in Your Diet (Livestrong)

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