Blue Moon Haiku

Do you only read poetry once every blue moon? If so, the time has come to appreciate the art form once again. We have collected several haiku poems to celebrate the tonight’s full moon, which is the first blue moon in a while.

So, what is a blue moon? It is more than just a saying or a beer; it’s technically the third moon in a season that has four moons. Full moons occur 29.5 days apart, and since there are typically 30 or 31 days in a month, it’s rare to get four in one season. Most people think a blue moon is when two full moons occur in the same month, but this is actually false. Confused yet? Here’s a handy infographic that explains it all. Unfortunately, the moon doesn’t actually turn blue (although, rarely, some atmospheric conditions can make it appear blue).

Anyway, back to poetry. Haiku is a great way to show appreciation for a natural phenomenon like a blue moon because the ancient Japanese art form is traditionally inspired by nature. So print off a haiku or write your own and read it by the light of tonight’s moon.

Today, tonight is
no time to be asleep —
moon viewing!
—from Moon Woke Me Up Nine Times, Matsuo Basho (Author), David Young (Translator)

blue midnite
breaths sailing on
smiling tongues
—from Morning Haiku by Sonia Sanchez

Arms folded
To the moon,
Among the cows
—from Haiku by Jack Kerouac 

In other haiku- and space-related news, more than 1,000 haiku will be accompanying NASA’s spacecraft MAVEN to Mars in November. Cool!

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