Bob Harper’s Rule #7 Changed My Life: No Carbs After Lunch

I recognized Bob Harper from watching The Biggest Loser, and I’d seen The Skinny Rules and Jumpstart to Skinny piled in stacks on the bestsellers table in my local bookstore. So I was intrigued when I learned that he has a new book.

Two caveats before I tell you about how Skinny Meals rocked my world.

One: I’m not a great cook. Two: I’m a terrible dieter.

I lack attention to detail when cooking; I lack dedication to dieting when dieting. But here’s the beautiful thing: I’m reading Bob Harper’s Skinny Meals right now, and I don’t need either!

Meaning that I can actually follow these recipes and his Rules are so simple, it’s easy to stay true to them.

I made the Greens Minestrone Soup (pictured above) and it’s delish. So easy and so satisfying. I’m actually inspired to tweak the recipe next time and add a few of my own ingredients! (That’s a first.)

As for the Rules. Bob Harper likes to keep things simple. Which is great for people like me who are terrible at counting calories and measuring things and keeping track of carbs and protein.

What usually happens to me is that I start a new diet with good intentions but then the details bog me down, I get frustrated, I give up … and I have a bacon double cheeseburger for lunch. With a shake. And a side of fries.

Here’s the one Rule from Skinny Meals that has changed my life. It might change yours, too: it’s so simple!


No complex carbs, that is. I thought this would send me to the nuthouse. After all, it’s carbs I crave all afternoon into dinner: potato chips, rice, pasta.

Here’s what makes Skinny Meals different: it’s not just a how-to book. It includes so many yummy food ideas that will fill you up without triggering evening hunger, it’s easy to get through the day without feeling like you’re denying yourself.

“Complex carbs in moderation at breakfast and lunch,” Bob Harper advises, “Protein, fruit, and vegetables for snacks. And then – say it with me – ‘lean and green’ for dinner.”

I’ve been trying this for the past week or so, and while I can’t tell you yet if I’m losing weight, I can tell you this: I feel amazing.

I have more energy after work to do the things that make me feel good: reading, doing yoga, gardening. And I wake up light and bright and refreshed in a way I haven’t felt since grade school.

This may be it. I may have found the diet book that changes my life.

Editor’s Note: learn more about Bob Harper’s Skinny Rules. We cover them all!

Are you a Bob Harper fan? Have you tried his Skinny Rules? Tell us in a comment!

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