Bob Harper’s Way to Lose Weight Fast

Summer is here (woot!), and along with it come graduation parties, beach weekends and probably a few weddings. If you’re behind on your summer shape-up plan, one of the best trainers around has your back. Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser fame just released Jumpstart to Skinny, a 21-day diet and exercise program designed to help you drop pounds quick. It’s just as easy to follow as his last book, The Skinny Rules, but this time he’s there for you when you’re on a schedule.

While The Skinny Rules focused on making healthy life changes to get—and stay—thin, Jumpstart is specifically designed to help you lose a few pounds in just a few weeks. He’s put together 21 days of meal plans, exercises designed to tone and elongate muscles quickly, and quick tips like “Cut the Salt” and “Drink Espresso” to help you get to where you want your body to be.

Harper emphasizes that this plan shouldn’t be used long-term—it’s a short-term weight-loss plan that will get results, but would be difficult to maintain over time. If you use the Jumpstart diet, and you want to maintain the results, reading The Skinny Rules would be a good way to keep your body beach-ready even after the vacation is over.

Jumpstart to Skinny is our June book of the month, and we’ll be test-driving Harper’s rules all month—check back to see how we do! Below, Harper tells us more:

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