Books That Brought Us Joy in 2017

A list of the 12 wellness books we loved this year.

Whether you prepare a list of New Year’s resolutions or not, most of us can’t resist a look back at our year with a few hopes for the new one, and with our favorite wellness books, we tend to do the same, especially when they educate us and help us improve our lives. Here are titles we’ve loved this year that we’ll revisit as we look toward 2018.


1. The Plant Paradox

by Steven R. Gundry, M.D.

Everyone has heard of gluten, but few people know that gluten is just one type of a common and toxic plant-based protein called lectin. Lectins are found in many foods and can cause inflammatory reactions in our bodies. Luckily, cardiologist and heart surgeon Dr. Gundry, who has successfully treated tens of thousands of patients, has simple-to-use hacks for how to avoid lectins.




2. The Four Tendencies

by Gretchen Rubin

While doing research for her previous books, Gretchen Rubin found that the seemingly boring question, How do I respond to expectations? provided fascinating answers that often fell into one of four categories: Upholders, Questioners, Obligers, and Rebels. These tendencies shape so much of what we do, and once we know what our own tendencies are, we can interact, work, and nurture relationships more effectively, helping us become more productive and more creative.




3. The No Meat Athlete Cookbook

by Matt Frazier and Stepfanie Romine

As more and more people try out vegan eating, whether it’s full-time or just for certain days of the week, it’s becoming clearer that meat-based protein is not needed to be an athlete. Frazier and Romine’s cookbook will help everyone from the dedicated vegan yoga teacher to the part-time meat-eating weightlifter see that whole-plant food recipes can help them achieve greater levels of health and fitness.




4. Silence: In the Age of Noise

by Erling Kagge

Finding true silence these days is a gift, and Kagge, who spent fifty days walking across Antarctica alone in 1993, explores the ways we can embrace the silence within, the silence around us, and the silence we create. This meditative text helps us discover how important silence is to our happiness and how we can explore it, even in our often noise-polluted world.




5. The Salt Fix

by Dr. James DiNicolantonio

Many of us have probably heard how we should use less salt. Dr. DiNicolantonio is here to tell us that salt has been unfairly demonized. He argues that too little salt can actually contribute to certain issues and that eating the salt your body craves can improve your quality of life as well as stave off chronic illness. Of course, there are safe and unsafe amounts of salt that can be ingested, but The Salt Fix will help you figure out what’s healthy and how to effectively add salt back into your diet.




6. The Mask of Masculinity

by Lewis Howes

Howes, a former athlete and successful businessman, found himself with all the outward trappings of success but none of the happiness. He explored the ways in which his misguided beliefs regarding his own masculinity had taught him to be guarded, competitive and to continually chase the unattainable. Unable to sustain his life behind the mask he set out on a personal journey to create a more authentic life. In The Mask of Masculinity, Howes shares his insights with men, and the women that love them, on how to break through the chains society has placed on them to find true happiness.




7. Just the Essentials

by Adina Grigore

Essential oils have begun popping up everywhere, but it can feel intimidating to dive into using something so many of us know so little about. In Grigore’s Just the Essentials, readers get reliable, straightforward, and comprehensive advice on how to use essential oils for everything from common household items to beauty and self-care.




8. Truth to Power

by Al Gore

Many of us want to help with climate change and are concerned about our planet’s future, but that doesn’t mean we know what to do or how to even talk about our concerns. Al Gore has come to our rescue with his An Inconvenient Truth sequel: Truth to Power which is a call-to-action that includes photographs, anecdotes, observations, cutting-edge research, and more. With humor, clarity, and how-to steps, this book provides encouragement for anyone who cares enough to take action and tells the unvarnished truth while leaving us hopeful.




9. Diet Right for Your Personality Type

by Jen Widerstrom

While working on The Biggest Loser, fitness expert, Jen Widerstrom discovered an incredibly important thing about weight-loss and dieting; one size doesn’t fit all. So she created a revolutionary, four-week diet and fitness plan that taps into the traits and tendencies of the individual. This tailor-made program works for you instead of against you with meal plans, recipes, exercise routines, and more. Losing weight and maintaining a lasting healthy lifestyle has never been this simple.




10. Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life

by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles

We all have a reason for living, and the Japanese call it ikigai—the place where passion, mission, vocation, and profession meet. In García and Miralles’s book, they studied and interviewed residents of one of the world’s Blue Zones. This book provides information on how they eat, live, and work, and, most importantly, how readers can create ikigai in their own lives.




11. Nourishing Fats

by Sally Fallon Morell

In her latest book, Morell talks about the next “new” thing: a return to animal fats. In Nourishing Fats, Morell outlines the history of and the science behind animal fats and why they are so vital to our mental and physical health. Also included are healthy ways to incorporate these essential fats into your diet.




12. Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body and Food Plan That Will Absolutely Change Your Life

by Danica Patrick and Stephen Perrine

Danica Patrick was the first woman to take NASCAR by storm, and with her new book, she shows she has the drive to help you change your life as well. Combining workouts, customized diet plans, and mental conditioning, Pretty Intense helps readers reach a number of goals, from endurance and flexibility, to work-life and success.





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