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Here’s something I’ve learned recently: Inspiration comes in many forms and doesn’t have to be life changing, earth shattering, or even spiritual. And what’s more, it can be fun, funny or cute. Whatever makes you laugh or smile can be inspiring. And if it inspires you to give your dad a call, even better! Here, our own Jonathan Lazzara shares a story from Halloweens past and how Awkward Family Pet Photos has inspired him:

Growing up, Halloween was a special time in my family. Special first because of a hereditary addiction to Reeses’ Peanut Butter cups, and second because October 31 is my Dad’s birthday. Before we could suit up and set out for the evening, my two younger brothers and I would have to sit down for my father’s special birthday meal: pasta con sarde, a deeply greasy, deeply green Sicilian pasta dish heavy on sardines. This was a rule – even as teenagers, we always had to stick around long enough for the little fishies. My brothers both adored the dish, and while I have come to love it as an adult, I could not stand it growing up. I pined for a dog, a furry, hungry friend to camp out under the table and take care of the god-awful mess on my plate. Even a cat – for what cat doesn’t love a good sardine? – would have gone far to help cover up my complete inability to stomach the birthday dinner. But those were just dreams: third or fourth down from “Mandatory Sardine Birthday Dinner” on my father’s list of rules was the one decreeing that no pets shall enter the Lazzara household.

Awkward Family Pet Photos is as close as I’ve come to penance for those lost, petless Halloweens. Authors Mike Bender and Doug Chernack have given me what for so long I did not have: the sheer, brilliant joy of pets and owners dressed in ridiculous outfits. This Halloween, I plan on sitting at home, nursing that Reeses addiction, and bingeing on these adorable pet photos. I’ll give Dad a call and check in on how the con sarde dinner went – and maybe, if the spirit grabs me, I’ll send him a copy of the book.

Check out these pictures from Awkward Family Pet Photos below. Maybe you too will be inspired!

Awkward Family Pet Photos Easter Bunny   


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