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The Best Wellness Books of June 2018

Take a peek at our list of this month's must-read wellness books.

Summer is the fire season — an energetic time when the days are long and the nights are short. Summer symbolizes freedom and growth, an outward focus in the world. It’s a time to go on adventures. But be sure to find balance — it’s easy to overextend ourselves in the pursuit of fun.

While you’re busy traveling and enjoying the abundance of summer, make sure to include quiet time for yourself. Balance your inner and outer voyages. Explore yourself as much as you explore the world. We’ve gathered our favorite books to help you do both. It’s summer, and it’s time to thrive!

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1. Alone Time

by Stephanie Rosenbloom

A witty, joyful, charming account of solo travel in Paris, Istanbul, Florence, and New York. Fans of armchair travel will love this book. What makes it unique is the way Rosenbloom weaves in psychological studies on the happiness of solitude and its effect on creativity and our ability to change.




2. The Happiness Advantage

by Shawn Achor

Achor offers seven research-based practices that will help you reprogram your brain for happiness — at work and in the rest of your life. From making our goals small and measurable to countering negativity bias, this is a practical guide to living a happier, more productive life. Now in paperback.




3. The Archetype Diet

by Dana James (Foreword by Mark Hyman)

Changing the shape of your body isn’t just about what you eat or how much you exercise. It’s about identifying your archetype. Are you The Nurturer, struggling with self-care? The Wonder Woman, driven to exhaustion? Learn about your archetype and use that knowledge to empower your wellness goals.




4. A Life of Less Throwaway

by Tara Button

We all know to reduce, reuse, and recycle. What this book invites us to do is rediscover the art of caring for our things. It’s all about mindful curation: from de-cluttering to mindful buying. Counter the urge to spend your way to happiness and get inspired to bring meaning to all the things that already surround you.




5. The Circadian Code

by Satchin Panda, PhD

This is a powerful guide to resetting your body clock. Ever pulled an all-nighter? Suffered jet lag? Then you know how awful you can feel when your circadian rhythm is off. Dr. Panda’s concrete plan can help you improve sleep and enhance weight loss as well as prevent and reverse ailments like diabetes, cancer, and dementia.




6. The Attachment Effect

by Peter Lovenheim

Part journalism, part memoir, and part psychological guide, Lovenheim’s engaging book shows how we can use attachment theory to understand who we love and why. Our early childhood relationships create a blueprint for all our relationships — understanding your attachment style is the first step to healing and growing with those you love.




7. The Magic Ten and Beyond

by Sharon Gannon

Creating a consistent spiritual practice at home can be overwhelming. Sharon Gannon, the co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga, makes it easy. She includes ten simple yoga poses, along with meditations, blessings, and awareness practices to help bring joy and resilience into your day.




8. Popular

by Mitch Prinstein

Popularity in our childhood has a huge effect on our adult life. Using the latest in neuroscience and psychology, Prinstein explores the complexities surrounding our urge to be popular and the ways it impacts our professional and social relationships. Especially important in today’s world, where “likes” on social media fuels our sense of self.




9. Chocolate Every Day

by Bennett Coffey and Kyleen Keenan

Don’t you love this title? You’ll like what’s inside even more: 75 mostly vegan chocolate recipes from the founders of Not Your Sugar Mamas. This book features the healthiest choices in chocolate treats by combining raw cacao with organic, natural sweeteners, nutrient-rich fats, and superfoods like maca and lucuma.




10. Insight

by Tasha Eurich

Self-awareness is essential for growth and success. The problem is that most of us don’t see ourselves clearly. Once we learn the seven types of self-knowledge that self-aware people possess, we can develop self-awareness as a skill. Citing hundreds of studies and her own original research, Eurich will change the way you see yourself — for the better.




11. Practical Ayurveda

by Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

Ayurveda means life-knowledge, and it’s been practiced in India for millennia. The first step is to identify your dosha (body type) with a simple questionnaire. Then use this guide to adjust your diet and create remedies for ailments common to your dosha. Simple Ayurvedic lifestyle changes will enhance your well-being and give you a newfound sense of ease.




12. Rebuild

by Dr. Robert Zembroski

If you’re dealing with a serious diagnosis like cancer, heart disease, or diabetes, this book can help you conquer your illness, just like the author did in his own life. “What I did for myself and my patients,” Dr. Z says, “this book can do for you.” Features cutting-edge research in epigenetics and the root causes of chronic illness.




13. Living the Sutras

by Kelly DiNardo and Amy Pearce-Hayden

Yoga was developed to strengthen the body and the mind. Deepen your yoga practice with this accessible guide to the sutras. These 196 aphorisms written two thousand years ago are the foundation text of yoga philosophy, and DiNardo’s down-to-earth commentary invites us to apply them to our lives in a personal way.




14. Sharp

by Josh Donald

For all you uber-foodies out there! This comprehensive guide details the elements of buying and caring for good knives, including sharpening and knife skills. Step-by-step instructions and photographs cover a range of techniques with 15 recipes from great chefs.




15. Zen in the Age of Anxiety

by Tim Burkett

Burkett provides a unique way to face our fears around sex, money, failure, and even death. He combines Zen wisdom and his own experience as a psychotherapist to create an owner’s manual for anxiety: how to use fear as a building block for a more fulfilling life.




16. The Finnish Way

by Katja Pantzar

Forget hygge! It’s time for sisu — or “everyday courage” — the way Finns stay happy and healthy. It’s a simple and sensible approach to daily living that incorporates movement as medicine, forest therapy, and healthy eating. The author shares how she transformed her body, mind, and spirit after moving to Finland.




17.  Infinite Possibility

by Katherine Jegede

Neville Goddard was a radical metaphysician who taught that your mind is God. As a leading proponent of Neville’s teachings, Jegede used these creative-mind principles in her own life to become a television presenter. She makes Neville’s philosophy practical — showing us how to empower our minds to change our circumstances.




18. Ageless Brain

by Editors of Prevention and Julia Vantine

Your brain is your most vital organ. It’s time to build a wellness routine designed to keep it healthy! Did you know there are brain poisons lurking in your food, medicines, and home? Learn how to identify and eliminate them and how to incorporate brain-healthy foods and brain-nourishing exercise into your diet.




19. The Ambition Decisions

by Hana Schank and Elizabeth Wallace

The result of hundreds of hours of interviews with women who shared their decision-making process around the really big stuff: marrying the right person, taking time off for a pregnancy, asking for a promotion, juggling motherhood and work. Each chapter includes a list of questions to ask (and empower) yourself when you’re facing big decisions.




20. Awaken the Power Within

by Albert Amao Soria, PhD 

Good news for all of us in the BBL community! Self-help works. As a sociologist, Amao explores the promises of different self-help approaches and discusses what works, what doesn’t, and why. A great book to read if you’re committed to self-growth but have critics in your life who dismiss your methods as “New Age.”




21. Mindful of Race

by Ruth King

“Racism is a heart disease,” writes King, “and it’s curable.” It’s a topic that impacts all of us. But this is the first time racism has been discussed by a meditation teacher committed to using mindfulness tools to understand and engage with racial tension. Featuring meditation practices to help you embrace discomfort, identify your vulnerabilities, and help create a culture of compassion.




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