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Best Wellness Books of August 2018

19 of the best books in health and wellness — books that bring us joy!

Here’s our curated list of wellness books that are bringing us joy this August. We made this month’s list easy for you to navigate by breaking it into categories (Eat Healthy – Get Fit, Transform Yourself, Try Something New, Be Present and Get Beautiful) so you can focus on the areas that align with your goals.

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Well, what are you waiting for? It’s time to thrive! Pull up a chair poolside, and dive into these inspiring titles so you can start creating the life that was meant to be yours.



1. Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.

by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky

You don’t have to be a runner to eat like this (though this is exactly what Shalane Flanagan ate while training for her historic 2017 New York City marathon win!). Whip up wholesome on-the-go meals and easy snacks. For busy people who want healthy fast food.




2. Ketotarian

by Dr. Will Cole

Keto diets have been shown to lower inflammation and boost metabolism, but they’re often full of antibiotics and hormones. Here’s how to go keto with a plant-centric diet. For nutrition trendsetters on the cutting edge of what’s hot now.




3. How to Cook Without a Book

by Pam Anderson

An update to the classic cookbook that taught us to “cook by heart.” Discover how all recipes are variations on a theme. Learn basic techniques to build confidence in the kitchen and cook with ingredients on hand. For home cooks who want to cook more ‘on the fly.’




4. Air Fry Every Day

by Ben Mims

Yes, you need one more kitchen appliance: the air fryer. Indulge in all those yummy comfort foods without the calories and saturated fat. This go-to cookbook includes 75 recipes for frying, baking, roasting, and steaming. For those of us who want fried food without the guilt.




5. 101 Best Jump Rope Workouts

by Buddy Lee

Hands down, jumping rope is the best HIIT workout you can do — and it’s so simple once you master basic techniques. This instant classic includes 100 different workouts for weight loss and cardio health. For fitness geeks who want to uplevel their routine and look cool doing it.







6. Talking Across the Divide

by Justin Lee

The world needs this book. The author is a social justice activist dedicated to breaking barriers. He shares tools to help you understand the opposition and create conversations that build understanding, not contention. For all of us facing a landscape that’s more polarized than ever.




7. Befriending Your Body

by Ann Saffi Biasetti

Using gentle yoga and mindfulness techniques, Dr. Biasetti shares a step-by-step program to recover from disordered eating. Learn how to release old patterns of self-criticism and enjoy better self-care. For anyone seeking healthy body awareness and self-compassion.




8. Hyper Focus

by Chris Bailey

Learn how to avoid mindless distraction and access two powerful modes — focused mode (hyperfocus) and creative mode (scatterfocus) — that will open up your creativity and productivity. For anyone who wants to live and work with focused intention.




9. Imperfect Courage

by Jessica Honegger

The entrepreneur behind Noonday Collection shares how she faced her own fears to create a life of meaning. She shows us how to create a circle of compassion and a culture of collaboration that brings our gifts to the world. For anyone wanting to move outside their comfort zone.







10. The Wild Woman’s Way

by Michaela Boehm

Tantric yoga can help break down harmful patterns and free the body and the mind to experience a pleasure-filled life — in the bedroom and the boardroom. Use these practical tools to help you create a feminine “body intelligence.” For the high-achieving modern woman (aka, all of us!).




11. An Audience of One

by Srinivas Rao

From the creator of the Unmistakable Creative podcast, comes a book about increasing productivity and happiness by pleasing yourself. By focusing your intention on your own pleasure and creating for an audience of one, you’ll do your best work. For all creatives who want to hone their craft.




12. Herbal Remedies Handbook

by Andrew Chevallier

The most important part of herbal medicine is the diagnosis, and here, Dr. Chevallier shows you how to correctly diagnose common ailments and then treat yourself with 66 safe, effective herbal remedies. For anyone who wants to enhance their own health and well-being — naturally.




13. Botanical Inks

by Babs Behan

Your compost bin could be the key to your next creative endeavor. Learn how to transform plants and even recycled food into dyes and inks for textiles and clothing. Create a bundle-dyed scarf or a block-printed tote bag with materials you have on hand. For the crafty ones.







14. Aware

by Daniel J. Siegel, MD

The Wheel of Awareness is a groundbreaking meditation practice that is based on the principle, “Where attention goes, neural firing flows, and neural connection grows.” Learn how to develop kind attention and emotional resilience. For all meditators who want a fresh perspective.




15. Practical Meditation

by Giovanni Dienstmann

This is a super-clear step-by-step visual guide to meditation. Try short ‘mini-meditations’ from a variety of different styles to find the one that works for you. Whether you’re at work or at the beach, there’s a meditation you can fit into your day. For newbies and seasoned practitioners.




16. Live More Each Day

by Domonique Bertolucci

Time to declutter your mind! That way, you can enjoy living more each day instead of doing more each day. This guided journal will help you make small changes so that you can live with more energy and less stress. For all of us when we’re feeling a bit overwhelmed.




17. You Are the Only One I Can Tell

by Deborah Tannen

Remember that book You Just Don’t Understand, about how and why men and women often miscommunicate? Well, Deborah Tannen has done it again, only this time it’s about relationships between women. For women who want to lean into their powerful relationships with other women.







18. In Intimate Detail

by Cora Harrington

From the creator of The Lingerie Addict blog, comes an empowering guide to help you get the best bras, panties, and shapewear — for your body, your taste, and your budget. Get confident about buying and wearing lingerie. For all women who want to feel beautiful under their clothes.




19. The Accessory Handbook

by Alison Freer

From the authors of the New York Times bestseller, How to Get Dressed, comes a costume designer’s secrets for buying, wearing and caring for accessories. Get empowered to wear whatever you want and discover how to pull it off. For sassy fashionistas who like to break the rules.






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