Preserving Childhood: The Link Between Early Puberty and Growth Hormones

How the bovine growth hormone found in milk, and increasing rates of obesity have been linked to precocious puberty in children since the early 1990s.

There’s been a noticeable increase in precocious puberty since the early 1990s, causing a decades-long concern in the parents of daughters who are pointing an accusatory finger at the hormone-treated dairy products we consume every day. The idea that while trying to nourish our children, we could actually be introducing their systems to a hormone […]

Can You Be Body Positive and Want to Change Your Body?

Making a case for "calling the shots" when it comes to your happiness and what's right for your body.

The “Body Positive Movement” has legs and is turning out actual results. Record numbers of plus size models set the runways on fire at NY Fashion Week spring 2018, thanks to the influence of documentaries like Straight/Curve and Embrace which brought awareness to people around the world about body bias. And let’s not forget the persuasive […]

A Record of My Vinyl

Records are still the coolest way to unplug.

Our phones have become our record players. But while you’re thumbing-up or thumbing-down whatever track is playing, alerts are pinging and before you know it, you're pulled away from the music and back into your phone. Here's how to get back to the music.

Staying In Is the New Going Out

5 fun ways to enliven your time with friends.

Foodie culture, screen time, tight budgets, binge-able TV ... whatever the reason for hunkering in, for many of us staying in is the new going out. So if the idea of a night in with friends and family sounds like a good time, we have some creative ideas for how you can spice up your night and add a little pizazz.

Discover the Outdoors You’ve Never Noticed

Awaken your senses with 3 simple exercises.

Reading Tristan Gooley's new book, How to Read Nature changed my morning walks with my dog. Gooley’s pithy writing and unique observations woke me up, jostled me out of my pre-coffee fuzziness. As we stroll through the riverpark outside our apartment, my senses are awake to nature all around me.

17 Little Things You Can Do to Be Happy

Seriously. Pick one. Do it. Feel happier.

Instead of striving for a permanent state of happy, try doing a few small things that will make you smile and warm your heart. String enough of these together, and you might just find the happiness you seek! But let’s start one happy moment at a time.

Awaken Your Erotic Life

An Intimate Guide to Sex That Works.

Do you know the secret to good sex? Here's a hint: it has little to do with romantic dinners or lingerie or walks on the beach or even pheromones ... it's all about vulnerability, trust, resilience, and persistence. Loveologist Wendy Strgar explores all this and more in her new book Sex That Works.

Forget the Stages of Grief

Sorrow isn't a process of recovery; it's a full expression of our love.

The core message of grief counselor Patrick O'Malley's new book: we grieve because we love. Grief is love. That’s so simple and so true, but too often we get caught up in the myth that grief is something we have to get over. What would happen if instead, we found the story of our love through our loss?

Five Ways to Socialize Without Feeling Burned Out

Today I want to talk to you about social life. The media is full of advice on how social connections make us happier and healthier, and the media is right. But there are many different KINDS of social connection – and what works for introverts is very different from what works for extroverts. In fact, […]
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